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Capture offers best-in-class marketing and recruitment solutions and expert services, powered by the industry’s only Behavioral Intelligence Platform, to help higher ed institutions identify, convert, and enroll the right students.

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Guide the Student Enrollment Journey

Prospective students are on your website right now, exploring their future possibilities at your institution. Engage them with relevant and timely content.





Find the right prospective students to target for application and enrollment including those your school doesn’t even know about yet.

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Make the “micro-conversations” throughout a student’s exploration process that ultimately result in an application.

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Make the “micro-conversations” throughout a student’s exploration process that ultimately result in an application.

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Marketing Automation for Student Recruitment

ENGAGE is the only marketing automation platform built for student recruitment – enabling you to make personalized and timely connections.

Next-Generation Predictive Modeling

Enabled by machine learning, APPLY lets you focus recruitment efforts on the students you are most likely to influence toward application.

Powered by behavioral intelligence

Marketing & Recruitment Solutions

Reach Any Student Anywhere

The only Digital Advertising solutions powered by behavioral intelligence allow you to target and retarget prospective students through email addresses, geo-IP, website visits, and on social media.
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Double the Click-to-Open Rate

The traditional batch-and-blast email marketing is so 2012! Capture’s Behavioral Email Series boasts an astounding 35% click-to-open rate – nearly double the industry benchmark.

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Focus and Optimize Your Search

The old search game has changed! Recommendations that are based on your specific enrollment goals and use an iterative, data-driven approach, produce the most qualified, mission-fit prospects.

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Smart Direct Mail Gets Opened

Coupled with predictive models, targeting top prospects with personalized print pieces will enforce your institution’s brand, echo your message and maximize engagement.

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The reaction

Purpose behind communications

“The data gained from Capture helps to put intention or purpose behind communicating with specific students. It eliminates the feeling of “angst” with cold-calling because we know why we’re reaching out to that student, and the student is able to also see the value in what we’re sharing.”

Ryan Patten
Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Colby-Sawyer College

Invested in your success

“Capture delivers high-quality solutions with great analytics and an easy-to-use dashboard. Their team is courteous, professional, and invested in our success.”

Dr. Bobby Anderson
Associate Dean of Admissions
Saint Francis University

Identify students who are not on your radar

“Capture helps me identify students who are interested in our university and are not on my radar. This great insight is an integral part of my recruitment strategy.”

Rebekah Morlock
Admissions Counselor
Ohio Dominican University

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