Identifying a Potential $1 Million+ in Unmanaged Prospects

In the first 30 days of using Capture’s marketing automation to aid their fundraising and cultivation efforts, advancement officers at a private, liberal arts college in the Midwest have seen more than a million dollars of new potential from unmanaged prospects.

ENGAGE, Capture’s game-changing marketing automation for higher education, identified more than 500 alumni and friends visiting the college’s website. By identifying these key stakeholders online, the institution is taking the next step to identify alumni passions, focus resources on the most engaged alumni and put donor interests at the heart of its fundraising communications.

Of those 500+ visitors, roughly 25 percent are currently assigned to gift officers — aiding existing discovery, cultivation, solicitation and stewardship efforts. Of equal importance, more than a third of identified prospects were previously unassigned and fall into leadership or major giving segments. Matching these previously unmanaged prospects to individual capacity scores, the potential value of prioritizing these recently identified, active high-capacity prospects is more than $1 million.

That’s an informative first month! 

  • Number of Alumni Identified: Over 500
  • Total Leadership & Major Gift Prospects: Over 60%
  • Number Currently Assigned Gift Officer: 25%
  • Number Not Assigned Gift Officer (Unmanaged): Over 33%
  • Potential Value of Unmanaged, Leadership & Major Gift Prospects: Over $1 million

These alumni and friends were identified through Capture’s unique integration in the college’s outbound emails, allowing the marketing automation strategy to tie in easily with the university’s existing e-communications.

Plugging ENGAGE into the existing email campaign required no additions to the solicitation calendar. But the added data points and insight ENGAGE provides makes the partner’s advancement team more effective at prioritizing active alumni and developing meaningful relationships.

So what’s next? Thanks to ENGAGE, not only do we know which leadership and major gift prospects are active, we also know individual points of affinity for each alumnus.

Would you like to know which of your high-capacity alumni are engaging your institution? Would you like to know what they are viewing to deliver more meaningful communications?

See what ENGAGE can do for your advancement efforts today.

By Kevin Bauman, Director of Philanthropic Initiatives, Capture