5 Ways Affinity is Key to Success in FY19

Trying to raise money without affinity is like trying to frame a house without nails. Capacity information … Previous giving history … This is the lumber lying in the yard. But if you’re trying to build your advancement house — if you’re trying to be strategic with the workings of your advancement office for FY19— affinity is the key metric, the nails, the information marketing automation provides in unprecedented ways.

5 WaysAffinity is Key to Success in FY19

This is the metaphor Capture Higher Ed Director of Philanthropic Initiatives Kevin Bauman uses to kick off his recent webinar, Five Ways Affinity Is Key to Success in FY19. In the presentation, Bauman outlines how marketing automation can make a quick and decisive impact across several different locations in advancement operations — impacts that can be felt before the end of the current fiscal year.

“At its core, marketing automation is a small bit of code that is placed on an institution’s website,” Bauman says. “And then there’s a small bit of code that is incorporated in outbound e-communication.

“The reason marketing automation is such an exciting development for fiscal year end is because applying that small snippet of code to the website takes less than a half hour. A matter of fact, our record for implementation here at Capture is less than 20 minutes. And incorporating that small snippet of code to your outbound e-communication can happen before your next email goes out.”

The point is, every strategy Bauman discusses in the webinar can be implemented on the same day.

Do you want to use the tools provided through marketing automation to maximize the time you have left in FY19? It’s not too late to meet and exceed your goals. View the live recording of this webinar to learn how adding affinity data through marketing automation can:

  • Identify populations 20x more likely to document a planned gift.
  • Identify populations 4x more likely to give to the current campaign.
  • Put an end to blind discovery calls.
  • And much more.

Whether you’re a gift officer or director of annual giving, you will learn ways to positively impact what’s left of this fiscal year.