6 Tips for Improving Your Enrollment Email Marketing

Undergraduate and graduate enrollment offices across the country are looking for more impact from their email marketing. Today’s prospective students — both high school students and graduate school candidates — are marketing savvy and less receptive to the traditional batch-and-blast email strategies of the past. It’s time for something new.

This is what fellow Capture Higher Ed colleague Ken Sigler and I recently discussed during the Capture Cast Webinar, “Get More Action Out of Your Email Outreach.” As a preview to that presentation, I put together these six tips for improving your email marketing — fundamentals that Ken and I delved deeper into during the webinar.

1. Personalize Your Email

When sending email, it is important to personalize the outreach by using the student’s name within the body of the email.

2. Segment Your Subscribers

Messaging should be focused on the audience you are sending to. If you are emailing a student who is already an inquiry, or has applied to your institution, your message should be different than the one you’re sending to those who are just prospects. As students make the journey through your enrollment process, the messaging must match where they are in the process and what’s next for them.

3. Be Mobile Friendly

As technology changes so do the ways students and families access your digital assets — 58% of all Gen Z check email daily from their phone multiple times. Be concise in your messaging and limit your links. An email should have one call to action and the ability for the student to react to that call.

4. Introduce Your Institution with a Welcome Email

It is important that prospective students feel you are being authentic in your emails. Sending them a welcome email that invites them to explore your website or schedule a visit is an outstanding way to introduce your institution. These emails must be sent immediately after someone completes your information form.

5. Test. Test Again … And Test One Last Time

Some time ago, Gmail began sorting incoming email into tabs such as Primary, Social and Promotions. Your goal should be to stay out of the Promotions tab and be placed in the Primary tab. How? Avoid “spammy” words and phrases such as “free,” “urgent,” “act now” and “join now” to name a few.

6. Measure Your Successes and Adjust

The ability to measure your email marketing campaigns is important. It allows you to develop additional email and digital assets that you can serve to the prospective students and their families.

Behavioral Email Series

Capture has taken the next step to help our partner institutions take their email marketing to the next level. We took the past decade’s worth of email data and created the Behavioral Email Series (BES).

This industry-leading innovation creates dynamic, personalized messaging that is tailored to prospective students when they are interested. You can find out more about the Behavior Email Series and how to improve your email marketing campaigns by checking out our recent webinar.

By Chris Harris, Senior Enrollment Strategist, Capture Higher Ed