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Capture Behavioral Engagement – Many Challenges, One Solution

Alumni have chosen an online relationship with your institution. Each is unique, each is meaningful and understanding this relationship is the key to eliminating time wasted on disengaged alumni and refocusing on relevant philanthropic outcomes.

Eliminate Blind Discovery Calls

Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE) tracks high-capacity alumni activities on your individual website pages. The result is a comprehensive view of real-time affinity points to prioritize the right high-capacity relationships and deliver meaningful communication on the first outreach.

Over 90% of blind discovery does not result in a visit

Capture Study: “The Inefficiency of Blind Discovery Calls”

Identify Alumni Currently Considering a Planned Gift

CBE identifies donors on your planned giving site – by name. No more likelihood scores or guessing who may be thinking about a planned gift at a random date in the future.

85% of visitors to the planned giving page do not have a planned gift documented.

Presentation: Reaching Planned Giving Prospects

Solicitations: When, Where and How Donors Engage Today

More than 80% of alumni activities online are on non-advancement pages. Simply put, alumni maintain a relationship with your institution, not your advancement page. You must meet alumni where they are!

Delivering planned giving messaging across the entire site increased planned giving leads 30%.

Capture Study: Understanding Alumni Visit Behaviors

Make Gift Officers More Successful

CBE assigns real-time affinity scores to each visitor allowing gift officers to prioritize major gift relationships and prospect research.

Half of all major gift qualified prospects have been identified and monitored in year 1.

Download: The Value of Alumni Relationships