The Call to Adventure

The Call to Adventure, Part 1: Meet Billionaire Ray Dalio

Instructional videos: they’re everywhere these days. The “self-help” section of your local bookstore has basically moved onto YouTube, and I’ll guess it’s there to stay.

The Call to Adventure, Part 2: Courage and Reality

All great stories begin with “The Call to Adventure.” Whether it’s becoming a parent, starting a company or going to work in an admissions office, we all begin the adventure.

The Call to Adventure, Part 3: Make a Five-Step Plan

In the previous principle, we learned to deal with the reality of a situation through understanding that the obstacle IS the path. This means our mistakes help us progress.

The Call to Adventure, Part 4: See the Patterns in the Machinery

To Dalio, everything is a machine. There is a pattern and a rhythm to everything even your own heart beat. Trust that pattern and, more importantly, make it work for you.

The Call to Adventure, Part 5: Your Ego and Your Blind Spots

Once you see the Truth, you see that risk and reward naturally go together. Your task is to balance the two. There are two main barriers to seeing reality: your ego and your blind spots.

The Call to Adventure, Part 6: Struggle Well and Fail Better

Ray Dalio realized that his greatest strengths were connected to his greatest weaknesses. Yours follow suit. Setbacks, he says, are what test you.

The Call to Adventure, Part 7: Finding Success with Capture

So, what do Ray Dalio’s Principles of Success have to do with enrollment management and Capture Higher Ed? I’ve given this some thought, certainly.