Automated Handwritten Notes — Yeah, It’s A Thing

Capture Higher Ed recently piloted a program in which we included automated handwritten notes as part of an automated marketing campaign delivered to prospective college students.

Automated handwritten notes?

Yes, they are real, pen-written notes on custom stationary. Robots mimic the handwriting and signature of the person the card is ideally coming from (i.e. an admissions counselor). They do this by holding an actual pen to paper, resulting in a high-quality product with all of the variance and nuance of human handwriting. (Sometimes, there is even a smudge.)

In our campaign, the call-to-action (CTA) for the notes was to drive admitted and deposited students to a landing page, created by Capture, to complete a short form for a welcome gift.

The Data 
  • 99 deposited students and 11 admitted students received the handwritten postcard note.
  • 2 of the 11 admitted students went on to secure their spots and submitted their enrollment deposits. One of those students had previously declined the offer of admission but changed her mind after receiving the note.
  • 44 of the 99 deposited students logged onto their computer and visited the school’s website. 24 of them completed the short form on the landing page we created.

All in all, 40 percent of the students visited the site and 22 percent of recipients completed the form.

The Capture Advantage

We use Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE), our patented marketing automation technology. It observes the behavior of prospective students while they are on the school’s website, allowing us to best target visitors with customized messaging. (In this case, customized messaging on handwritten notes.) CBE provides a source of new students as well as data that saves the school both time and money.

How does it work if a school wants to incorporate automated handwritten notes?

The school chooses one of 18 different handwriting options. Capture then creates the visuals and recommends criteria of the rule set. From there, we begin monitoring the progress of campaigns on the Capture Content Analytics dashboard.

Do you want to find out more? Reach out to us.

By Ashli Findley, Content Writer, Capture Higher Ed