Battling Counselor Burnout? How to Enable Your Staff for Success

While counselor burnout in admissions offices is certainly not new, the pandemic exacerbated staffing challenges. According to a 2023 NACAC survey of enrollment managers, 60 percent of those at private institutions and 55 percent at public institutions cited burnout as one of their top three challenges.

Even now, job websites continue to show large numbers of open positions at all levels of enrollment management. At a time when enrollment success is crucial, recruitment teams across the country are trying to do more. But how do you do that amid constant staff upheaval?

Effective counselor enablement helps recruitment teams reduce counselor burnout through advanced, actionable insights that streamline outreach.

While many promise the tech and tools, very few recruitment marketing vendors actually deliver the kind of expertise and insight that enable your counselors and staff. Here are a few ways Capture Higher Ed takes a different approach to counselor enablement.

Real-Time Insights

Our recruitment marketing platform, the Behavioral Intelligence Platform, helps streamline recruitment marketing so counselors can focus on what matters most — building relationships with prospective students and families.

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By equipping counselors with the tools they need to make quick decisions and prioritize — and freeing them up from repetitive, manual tasks — our counselor enablement tools help your team achieve success faster.

Let Predictive Models Be Your Fall Travel Agent

In addition to enabling counselors for high-impact outreach, Capture helps recruitment teams make the most of their travel through strategic, data-driven travel planning.

TRAVEL, a featured of Capture’s application predictive modeling, helps institutions go beyond traditional feeder schools, identifying areas of opportunity, adding new high schools and territories to travel itineraries, and highlighting travel stops unlikely to yield results.

TRAVEL uses hundreds of neighborhood-level factors to:

  • Identify the geographic areas around high schools that are most likely to produce applicants for your institution.
  • Provide a ranked list of public, private, and charter high schools across the U.S. based on their likelihood to produce applicants for your school.
  • If your counselors are assigned counties as their recruiting territories, you can also get a ranked list of counties to target and plan travel to multiple schools in that county.

Through ranking and taking the travel distance to each high school into consideration, we can help you optimize the travel for your counselors and representatives.

Offline marketing isn’t going away; it’s just being reinvented.

Ready to Get Started?

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Christopher Harris, Ed.D., Senior Enrollment Strategist, Capture Higher Ed