Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: APPLY

(This is Part 4 of our blog series discussing Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform (BIP). The first three installments were Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: An Evolution in Higher Ed Recruitment, Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: What Does It Run On? and Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: ENGAGE.)

Apply is one of three solutions on the Behavioral Intelligence Platform that is powered by Capture’s predictive engine, which offers the only comprehensive predictive modeling in higher education. 

Light-speed technological advances have given students a nearly unlimited array of tools to discover colleges and research areas of study. Meaningful connections with prospective students are vital to ensuring the student will thrive in their studies and your university will retain them. The challenge for colleges and universities is to simultaneously communicate the value of pursuing an education at their institution while also ensuring the student will successfully graduate.

What is the solution for both student and school? Data.

Students visit homepages, view videos, request information, research specific majors, read blogs … accruing data and information about potential colleges. Each of these moments of engagement is paired with a university’s historical application data to power Apply’s predictive models.

Apply uses machine learning to sort through hundreds of variables and identify students who are likely to apply, enroll and succeed at a given university. Digital communications, ads, print pieces, campus visit promotions — all of an admissions office’s marketing messaging and budget — can be directed where they will have the most impact, saving time and money on the school’s end.

Apply have 98% accuracy across all Capture partners and can be created weekly or monthly using hundreds of a university’s most powerful data points — unlike most predictive models that use fewer variables and are only updated annually.

Identifying the Students Most Likely to Apply

Apply is a data modeling service powered by search names, in conjunction with a university’s historical data, to predict which of those searched students are most likely to apply to an institution.

Apply includes:

  • An interactive dashboard featuring student-level applicant rankings grouped by likelihood to apply;
  • Downloadable model performance metrics;
  • A best-in-class view into individual students through thousands of insightful variables and multiple, industry-leading algorithms.

Do you have any questions about the BIP’s Apply solution? Be sure to contact us if you have any questions about the platform.

And stay tuned for Part 5 of this blog series when we discuss Aid, part of the Behavioral Intelligence Platform that allows universities to drive enrollment while optimizing their financial aid using Capture’s predictive models. Aid allows Capture partners to increase student enrollment while staying within their aid budget.