Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: A Managed Service

This is the seventh and final installment of our blog series about Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform (BIP). In this article, we explain how the Behavioral Intelligence Platform is a managed service. Be sure to read about the specific solutions on the platform in the first six blogs of the series:

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Capture partners using the Behavioral Intelligence Platform (BIP) have a dedicated Strategic Services team to help them get the most out of the platform. The team consists of former higher education leaders who have served in a variety of roles — from enrollment executives to data scientists. A Strategic Services team serves as an extension of a university’s admissions team, working with counselors to define and meet enrollment goals.

The Strategic Services teams at Capture are collaborators, coordinators, communicators and creatives — all working for the success of a university. Who exactly is on the team?

The Account Executive

Each Strategic Service team is headed by an account executive, who serves as the primary contact for all partner needs. With direct experience in higher education and a deep understanding of a university’s strategic vision, this person serves as the guide for a Capture partner, building Partner Success Plans that maximize the Behavioral Intelligence Platform and leveraging the strength and skills of Capture’s Strategic Services team.

The Project Manager

Capture’s project managers work directly with the account executive on Partner Success Plans. Experts on all Capture products and services, ensure efficient approval, launch and optimization of campaigns as well as plan, organize and implement the new partner launch process.


Experts in the latest design trends in higher education, Capture’s graphic designers ensure adherence to a university’s brand standards and guidelines while delivering multi-channel design work that complements all of a partner’s an institution’s marketing efforts.

Communication Specialists

Masters of the written word for higher ed, these writers, editors and producers provide flawless and creative editorial execution in every marketing channel while continuously improving and optimizing marketing campaigns. Their specialty: effective, purpose-driven communications.

Data Scientists and Analysts

Data integrity specialists with a focus on security, Capture’s data scientists are experts in predictive modeling — running the predictive engine that creates a university’s Apply, Aid and Enroll models. Enrollment management has always been a data-driven operation. From understanding broad populations to determining which high schools a university counselor should visit, data drives an admission office’s decision making. Capture’s Data Science Team helps colleges and universities leverage institutional and public data sets to help them make better decisions and achieve their goals.

Do you have questions about how the Behavioral Intelligence Platform is complemented with a fully managed services team? Contact us today to learn how these experienced enrollment, marketing and technology experts can create impactful strategies, build powerful marketing automation programs and execute the campaigns that will lead to your success.

This concludes our seven-part blog series on Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform — industry-leading marketing automation and AI-powered predictive modeling built specifically for higher education.

A profound evolution in enrollment management is underway. Learn more about how Capture Higher Ed is capturing the future and captivating an industry.