Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: What Does It Run On?

(In Part 2 of our blog series explaining Capture Higher Ed’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform (BIP) we answer the question: What is Behavioral Intelligence?)

Researching options … Gathering data … Making a decision … Committing to a path … These experiences are shared by prospective students and universities alike. Choosing a college is not a gut decision, nor is it solely based on data. The same can be said for finding and accepting students to a university. The ideal solutions for both student and school lie in the balance.

Behavioral Intelligence represents this critical crossroads between thoughts and terabytes.

Customized, Timely, Relevant

Students have more control than ever over their choice for post-secondary education. At the same time, universities must deliver on these ever-increasing expectations and meet enrollment goals or risk the long-term success of their institutions.

Light-speed technological advances have given students a nearly unlimited array of tools to discover colleges and research areas of study. The same technology has allowed universities to make meaningful connections with prospective students. The challenge for colleges and universities is to simultaneously communicate the value of pursuing an education at their university while also ensuring the student will successfully graduate.

That’s where Behavioral Intelligence comes in.

Students visit home pages, view videos, request information, research specific majors, read blogs … accruing data and information about potential colleges. When universities know what these students are researching — when they have this intelligence based on student behavior on their site — they can provide the students with customized, timely and relevant experiences at each step of their college decision process.

At the same time, the universities gain the control to engage, target and identify students who are likely to apply, enroll and succeed at their school.

A Fundamental Shift

In the end, Behavioral Intelligence fundamentally shifts how universities engage prospective undergraduate and graduate students. On the advancement side, it changes how gift officers can interact with alumni and other potential donors.

With industry-leading marketing automation and AI-powered predictive modeling built specifically for higher education, institutions now have the control to effectively target interested students in relevant ways that increase engagement, drive admissions and improve student retention.

Coming soon, in Part 3 of this series, we will outline Engage, the marketing automation solution on Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform.