How to Use Marketing Automation for Your College to Boost Tuition Revenue

While we often become preoccupied with geeking out over our technology — and it is awesome, by the way — sometimes we should lay out what we do in the simplest terms possible: Capture Higher Ed helps schools. Colleges and universities across the country come to us because they have a problem … or problems. We then equip them with modern digital tools and expertise to solve the problem … or problems.

Here’s an example.

Problem: One of Capture’s partners, a private liberal arts university in the Northeast, needed to increase its enrollment and boost its net tuition revenue.

Solution: Capture took the school’s current prospect pool and used email marketing and Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE) — marketing automation software super-charged specifically for enrollment management — to communicate with those students exploring on the university’s website. CBE triggered dynamic content (toasters, pop-up ads, image swaps, etc.) based on the interests the visiting students were exhibiting.

Did it work?

Through the campaign, Capture influenced 3,368 students to complete their fall 2017 application and 719 students to deposit. For comparison, in 2015 the same school had 3,164 students apply and 584 enroll.

Also, CBE identified 384 students who were not part of the initial pool but who were browsing the university’s website; 50 percent of students who viewed CBE dynamic content went on to apply.

As for ROI, Capture returned the university’s investment 69 times in first year net tuition revenue. Over the six-year lifetime value of the Fall 2017 class, the school’s investment in Capture’s services will have multiplied by about 509 times.

This was even higher than the overall return our partners saw last year. Across all 33 Capture schools that used CBE for fall 2017 classes was 25 times of their CBE license investment. These institutions range from small private to large public schools (and everything in between). And it’s clear that results from using CBE increase significantly as our partners become more experienced using the software. We helped boost Tuition Revenue.

Sure, we love talking about our clever technology — and it is awesome, by the way — but in the end, we’re really just here to help.

By Kevin Hyde, Senior Content Writer, Capture Higher Ed