Capture Behavioral Intelligence, Part 2: Not Coming to Your Site, Not Coming to Your School

Capture Higher Ed — through our behavioral intelligence platform Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE) — has tracked more than 200 million visits to our partner websites over the last four years. The platform also has served more than 15 million pieces of dynamic content to those visitors. This has led to some interesting insights.

Today, we look at student application rates by the number of page views. We also chart out the seasonality of when students visit — anonymous vs identified vs. grad vs. international.

Application Rate by Page Views

The more a student engages with a school’s website, the more likely they are to apply. Or put the opposite way, if they aren’t coming to your website, they aren’t coming to your school.

Here are the application rates by number of page views:

  • 0: <1%
  • 1 to 4: 12%
  • 5 to 9: 21%
  • 10 or more: 42%

It’s pretty simple. Students who aren’t interested in the school don’t visit the website.

Capture Behavioral Intelligence: Page View

The average number of page views for a non-applicant is less than 1. On the other hand, applicants typically visit more than 20 pages on a school’s website. Deposited students visit more than 60 pages on average.

Time of the Season

The following charts show the number of page views per week over the span of a year for 31 of our partners, broken down by groups: Anonymous, Identified, Graduate and International.

Capture Behavioral Intelligence: anonymous

Capture Behavioral Intelligence: indentified

Capture Behavioral Intelligence: graduate

Capture Behavioral Intelligence: international

As you can see, each group displays mostly similar behavior, with lulls over the summer, Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks. With international prospects, our partners see less of a lull over the summer months, even spiking in the first week of July. We also don’t see a drop off in international activity at Thanksgiving, or as much around Christmas.

What else are we learning from CBE? Find out in part 3 of our Capture Behavioral Intelligence blog series when we look at the impact of stealth applications on enrollment. 

By John Foster, Senior Data Analyst, Capture Higher Ed