Capture Behavioral Intelligence, Part 5: Return on Investment

In the fifth and final installment of our blog series on Capture Behavioral Intelligence, Capture Higher Ed Senior Data Analyst John Foster discusses the return on investment universities have received using Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE), our marketing automation specifically designed for higher ed.


The overall return across our CBE partners was 40.7 times of their CBE license investment for Fall 2018. This means that, for every $1 they spent on the product, they can expect, on average, $41.70 in return over the collegiate career of the students Capture influenced. (Results ranged — in fact, four of Capture’s partners will see ROI that is several hundred times their investment.)

The results were measured for four specific contributions CBE makes to the enrollment process:

  1. Allowing counselors to target outreach to identified students based on student engagement and specific interests. This contributed to 6.2 additional enrollments per school (median);
  2. Influencing enrollment through dynamic content like toasters (ads that rise from the bottom of a website like toast), pop-overs, social media ads and similar advertising and branding. This contributed to 7.8 additional enrollments per school (median);
  3. Guiding the decision journey by allowing prospects to interact with dynamic content messaging. This contributed to 4.7 additional enrollments per school (median);
  4. Capturing new stealth prospects through CBE progressive identification forms. This contributed to 14.4 additional enrollments per school (median);

Altogether, CBE helped schools get about 34 additional enrollments (median) they wouldn’t have had otherwise when it only takes about 1 student to pay for the cost of CBE. CBE helped our partner schools get an additional $2.1 million in net tuition revenue (median).

The Capture Behavioral Intelligence Series

This concludes our blog series about what Capture has learned from four years of tracking more than 200 million visits to our partner websites through CBE, part of Capture’s behavioral intelligence platform designed for enrollment management. Be sure to read the four previous blogs in the series:

By John Foster, Senior Data Analyst, Capture Higher Ed