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Who's that Knockin' on My Door? Visitor Analytics and Capture’s New Counselor User InterfaceNOVEMBER 09, 2022

While much of the data within Engage relates to each of your prospective student’s enrollment journey, the new feature “Visitor Analytics” allows you to analyze trends within groupings of page visitors — like suspect, prospect, applicant, etc. over enroll years, webpages, and tags. Find out how to navigate this exciting new tool and learn tips and tricks for getting the most out it!

Google Ads: Become the Search Destination of Your Future StudentsAUGUST 25, 2022

Making your digital marketing efforts more dynamic and extending your reach is crucial in today’s recruitment climate! Google Ads will elevate your marketing game by having your institution pop up in keyword, program, and school searches. This allows your institution to be seen where your prospective students are browsing. 

Top Tags and Travel: Where Do They Come To? Where Should You Go?July 28, 2022

Where are your students landing on your website? Capture’s new Behavioral Intelligence Platform feature “top pages and tags” allows you to see what pages students are visiting the most. How can you most effectively use this? Come find out! Also, we’ll travel over to Capture’s new travel feature in the APPLY model that helps your counselors plan visits … and maybe even find new territories!

Nashvegas Bound: A Slate Summit PreviewMay 26, 2022

With the 2022 Slate Summit in Nashville just weeks away, this month’s client-only webinar will focus on all things Slate! Capture’s Slate integration has had several iterations … the latest including IP matching that increases identified visitors by 34% on average!

Prepare for Takeoff! Capture's Flight Plan for Enhancements and New FunctionalityApril 28, 2022

Grab your boarding pass and secure your window seat for a view into the future friendly skies of Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform (BIP). Get an in-depth, in-flight overview of the new enhancements and exciting functionality planned for the next six months. They all have the same destination: Helping you identify, convert, and enroll your best-fit students!

Slam Dunk! Senior Enrollment Advisors Talk Product EnhancementsMarch 31, 2022

How did it feel to first learn the glories of dunking an Oreo in a glass of milk? Our Senior Enrollment Advisors think these Capture product improvements compare! Hear them explain their favorite releases of the past 12 months, where to find them in the Behavioral Intelligence Platform, how you can use them at this point in the year, and offer examples of how they are being used by other partner institutions they work with. You bring the milk and cookies. We’ll bring the innovation!

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