Capture Delivers Stunning ROI for Higher Ed Solutions

For Fall 2017, Capture Higher Ed solutions helped our partner colleges and universities enroll more than 4,500 students, representing more than $60 million in net tuition revenue. That translates to a 10.5-time return on investment (ROI) in the first year for our full-service partners.

Put another way, if a school invests $1 with Capture, they can expect to get back $11.52 in the first year. Looking at the lifetime value of these students over the next six years, the value is greater still — 37 times! Or if a school invests $1 with Capture, they can expect to get back $38.27 over the next six years.

That’s delivering some serious value.

One Capture partner — a mid-sized, private university in the Northeast — saw a whopping 6,932 percent ROI in the first year, with a projected 26,131 percent ROI over the college career of the Fall 2017 class. Another university, a state flagship institution out West, saw an impressive 2,205 percent ROI in the first year with a projected 7,736 percent ROI over the college career of the Fall 2017 class.

Some things to note:

This is a comprehensive measure of the influence on students in our campaigns using all our higher ed marketing methods — email, digital display technology (DDT), direct mail and dynamic content. It also includes students we identified through progressive identification. These are students we can be reasonably confident that we had a direct influence on their enrollment.

However, it does not capture the incremental influence we had on students outside our campaigns through higher ed solutions like Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE), DDT and recommendations from Envision.

Therefore, this is a conservative estimate. Adding in those other students would increase the lifetime ROI significantly. CBE by itself will have about a 450 percent ROI over the college career of the Fall 2016 class.

Also, these calculations take into account the schools’ net tuition revenue per full time student from the Delta Cost Project along with retention and graduation rates from the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS).

Where schools gave us enrollment data, we use that enrollment total. Where schools only give us other pipeline data such as “deposits” or “admits,” we assume Capture students enroll at the same rates as other students for that school.

In previous years, we’ve seen eight times in first-year ROI for our partners. So we are giving them even more value than in the past.

By John Foster, Senior Data Analyst, Capture Higher Ed