Capture Kicks Off Innovate 2020 Next Week in Louisville!

Capture is hitting the campaign trail and we have set an agenda of innovation! Our Innovate 2020 whistle-stop tour starts at the Omni Hotel, Louisville, Ky., Jan. 16, with sessions and workshops covering an array of higher ed topics including modern recruitment, the latest in enrollment technology, Behavioral Intelligence and much more.

Have you secured your place at the Louisville stop of Innovate 2020? There’s still time to RSVP.

Omni Hotel, Louisville, Ky.

The featured speaker at Innovate 2020 in Louisville will be Jessica Bellamy, an award-winning infographic designer. Bellamy is the epitome of a modern innovator, creating a social enterprise — The Grassroots Information Design Studio (GRIDS) — that combines grassroots organizing, research and information graphics. She has been featured in Arianna Huffington’s Thrive Global, Forbes, Communication Arts Magazine, The Great Discontent, Create Magazine, Creative Mornings, Slack, The Dieline, Revision Path and on Adobe’s Project 1324.

What else is on the Innovate agenda?


Using the Data: Capture’s Best Practices and Strategies for All Capture Products
Engage, Capture’s premier marketing automation solution for higher education, uses the power of Behavioral Intelligence to generate robust, data-rich profiles of prospective students based on engagement throughout a student’s decision-making research. In this session, hear from a current Capture partner utilizing a variety of Capture products as well as members of Capture’s Account Management group. They will outline how you can manage and maximize your Engage solution.

Apply, Aid and Enroll: Revving Up Your Predictive Engine
Crunching historical and behavioral data using thousands of variables and multiple algorithms, Capture’s AI-powered predictive engine predicts who will apply and who will enroll with unrivaled accuracy. It also gives schools the ability to build financial aid models that allow them to increase student enrollment while staying within their aid budget. How can universities get the most out of this unprecedented and powerful tool? In this session, Capture’s Director of Undergraduate Initiatives Jamie Gleason and Assistant Data Scientist John Foster will breakdown the different ways universities deploy the predictive engine to increase their number of applications, maximize their aid spend and ultimately meet their enrollment goals.

Slate and Capture: Better Data … Better Together
Engage, part of Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform, can combine the insights of Slate data with Capture’s behavioral data to trigger 14 different types of dynamic content and marketing automation campaigns. Capture partners using the Behavioral Intelligence Platform and Slate CRM data increase their student identification rate by 40 percent. In this session you will learn how one institution’s admissions department found success using Capture and Slate together.

Emailing Gen Z: Best Practices in the Age of Texting
How do you design effective email campaigns for a generation of prospective students who increasingly stay away from their email accounts? You make your messaging direct, practical and time sensitive. In this session, we will discuss how to use email marketing to increase identified visitors and online engagement as well as promote a prospect’s next step in their college decision process.

Your Daily Visitor Report: How to ‘Engage’ at Different Times of the Year
Every university that uses Engage, Capture’s marketing automation solution built specifically for higher education, receives a comprehensive Daily Visitor Report (DVR) every morning. The DVR features all recent activity from the past 24 hours, giving schools the ability to prioritize highly engaged prospects. It also provides unique insights into how the marketing automation can be deployed most effectively at different moments of the enrollment cycle. In this session, hear from a current Capture user on best practices to use Engage at different times of the year. This session is designed for admissions counselors and new admissions managers to better understand how the product should fit into your daily work flow.

Counting Clicks: Dynamic DDA for the New Decade
Digital Display Advertising (DDA) is a multi-channel marketing suite built to engage and influence prospective students and parents through customized digital ads. Whether through audience segmentation, geotargeting, retargeting, individual behavior or paid search, digital ads are served on any device through web, mobile and social media channels. In this session, learn how admissions managers who use DDA to know how many clicks their ad campaigns generate, which prospective students click on them, and how the students interact on their site thereafter.


You Work in Admissions. That Means You Work in Data.
Enrollment management has always been a data-driven operation. Whether you intend to stay in the industry for two years or 20, you need to understand how data can help you allocate scarce time and resources. From understanding broad population trends to determining which high schools you should visit, data should drive your decision making from day one. In this workshop, Capture’s Data Scientists will walk you through ways to leverage institutional and public data sets to help you make better decisions and achieve your goals.

Journey of Innovation: Charting Capture’s Product Road Map
Innovation is in Capture’s DNA. Providing our partners with new, cutting-edge tools is at the core of everything we do. What do the technology architects, engineers, developers, programmers and mad geniuses in our Product and Infrastructure group have in store for 2020 and beyond? Join Jackie Pratt, Capture’s Senior Product Manager, as she unfolds Capture’s Product Road Map.

Innovate 2020

Ready to add some innovation and determination to your new year’s resolution?

Innovate 2020 is perfect for enrollment leaders and directors, university marketers, admissions counselors and other higher ed leaders.

By Kevin Hyde, Senior Content Manager, Capture Higher Ed