Capture Partner on Track to Increase Enrollment by 31%

One of Capture Higher Ed’s current partners — a mid-size independent, exclusively undergraduate liberal arts college in the Midwest — was locked in a downward trend of declining enrollment and yield rates when it partnered with us to increase enrollment through Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE) — marketing automation for higher education — as well as smart direct mail, digital display targeting and Envision enrollment modeling.

If the school’s Fall 2018 results are any indication, consider that downward trend unlocked.

The university is on track to exceed last year’s yield by 5 percentage points and increase enrollment by 31 percent. Thirty-nine percent of the school’s new deposited students clicked through a household IP-targeted digital display ad or a piece of CBE dynamic content.

Capture’s marketing automation designed specifically for higher education, CBE is an innovative tool that monitors visitor behavior on a partner’s website, so they can learn more about what prospective students are looking for and send them targeted messages in real time. The intelligence enables more intentional, real-time opportunities.

Increase Enrollment

Capture’s Digital Display Targeting (DDT) services use a multi-channel approach to deliver customized display ads to prospects, tailoring the content and creative of each ad for specific audience segments. These display ads promote brand awareness, engagement, conversions and the effectiveness of all other marketing campaigns. Our DDT suite of products provides a complementary approach to online advertising using the most innovative technologies available.

We also use smart direct mail as part of an integrated approach to increase brand awareness and encourage responses and conversions. Full-service design, production and mailing services are included.

The university also used our Envision Predictive Engine, the only comprehensive predictive engine in the market today. The patent-pending technology utilizes machine learning and a non-linear analytics tool set to accurately predict not only who will apply, but also who will enroll.
Increase Enrollment

For the 2017 class, we were 98% accurate in both applicant and enrollment predictions. With this kind of accuracy, our partners are able to confidently make the decisions that shape their enrollment class. Accurate models pay for themselves by helping partners eliminate waste in their recruiting efforts.