Capture and RaiseMe Join Forces to Motivate Students for College

Tech startup Capture Higher Ed and the social enterprise RaiseMe recently announced a partnership that will join Capture’s marketing automation technology for higher education with the RaiseMe micro-scholarship platform.

Founded on a strong belief in post-secondary education and the idea that each school is right for at least one type of student, Louisville-based Capture is an innovative marketing technology firm that uses AI and machine learning to power predictive modeling and marketing automation software to help colleges and universities.

The company’s marketing automation software, Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE), uses prospective student website behavior to target engaged visitors with customized messaging. Created specifically for higher education, the tool is a source of new students and data that saves admission offices time and resources. Capture also recently expanded the software into University Advancement, allowing alumni and development offices to find, rank and convert stealth alumni into active members and donors.

San Francisco-based RaiseMe is a social enterprise focused on motivating high school students through financial aid earlier on, and deepening relationships between students and colleges starting as early as the 9th grade. It is a platform where students are awarded micro-scholarships for incremental achievements such as getting a good grade in a class, or participating in an extracurricular activity or sport. More than one million students nationally have RaiseMe accounts.

Why are CBE and RaiseMe so powerful when combined?

Student applicants through the RaiseMe program have higher GPAs and test scores, on average, than traditional student applicants. CBE can help drive traffic to the RaiseMe site for students to complete a profile and can help deliver scholarship messaging more effectively. The marketing automation technology can target visitors on enrollment-related pages who are eligible for scholarships and display targeted messages to those visitors on a one-to-one basis.

Together, CBE and RaiseMe can help you engage your prospective students earlier and tackle sticker price shock by notifying students of financial aid resources available at your institution. Showing eligible scholarships can also help motivate students to pursue rigorous coursework and leadership activities.

By Jackie Pratt, Senior Product Manager, Capture Higher Ed