Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: ENROLL

Welcome to Part 6 of our blog series describing Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform (BIP). In this installment, we outline Enroll, which allows you universities to prioritize which students to target with communications during the limited window between admittance and depositing via predictive modeling. Be sure to check out the first five installments of the series:

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Are you on track to make your class? Do you even know how to find out? Enroll, one of three predictive modeling solutions on Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform (BIP), reveals the status of a university’s class with plenty of time for admission counselors to take action and avoid melt.

Enroll empowers universities to convert admitted students into enrolled students through predictive modeling. Gain the confidence and ability to focus your efforts toward admitted students who have not yet deposited but who have a high predicted probability of doing so. These are the students most interested in your school who may just need a nudge.

Powered by machine learning, Enroll accepts thousands of data points to produce models using a number of powerful predictors, including behavioral data, so a university can always have a highly accurate gauge on its class. With an industry-leading 98% accuracy, Enroll gives admissions counselors the control to make decisions that shape their enrollment classes confidently. It also helps them guide their marketing resources effectively.

With an early warning from Enroll, coupled with a solid yield strategy, Capture partners decrease melt, increase yield and hit enrollment goals year after year.

Dial-in Your Incoming Class

How does it work? Enroll uses machine learning and AI to produce simulations on hypothetical admit pools that predict class size and composition. As students take action, Enroll allows admission counselors to get updated incoming class predictions in an interactive dashboard and confidently make important admission decisions.

Enroll gives them the ability to:

  • View predicted enrollment totals, yield, academic profiles and demographic compositions for current and past simulations in an interactive dashboard.
  • Compare deposits and enrollments with admission performance from the same time in prior years.
  • Optimize scarce time and money by allocating more resources to students who are a better fit for your school, and fewer or no resources to students who aren’t at all likely to enroll.

Do you have questions about Enroll? Contact us today to find out more about predictive modeling solutions on Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform. And be sure to check back next week for the seventh installment of this blog series when we discuss how the BIP is a managed service.