Capture’s New President Featured in Louisville Business First

Capture Higher Ed’s Len Napolitano was highlighted, Oct. 2, in Louisville Business First for being named the company’s first-ever president. The Long Island, N.Y., native was officially appointed to the new role on Sept. 4 by Capture’s board of directors.

Leonard Napolitano

“As president, Napolitano will lead all aspects of the client experience and the growth of the company,” reported Chris Larson in his story, Fast-growing Louisville company names new president. “Specifically, Napolitano said in an interview he will oversee sales, marketing, operations and service delivery for the company.”

The story came on the heels of a busy week for Capture, as the company welcomed its industry’s largest and most important annual event — the 2019 NACAC National Conference — to its hometown of Louisville.

During the conference, Capture successfully launched its Behavioral Intelligence Platform — with its ENGAGE, APPLY, AID and ENROLL solutions. The platform gives universities and their prospective students more control throughout the decision process and is a launching pad for modern enrollment management with marketing automation built specifically for higher education and the most comprehensive predictive modeling in the field.

“Capture’s partner universities across the country communicate one-to-one with their prospective students based on their interests, putting the student first,” Napolitano said in a press release prior to the conference. “Considering more than 50% of the adult population invests in some form of post-secondary education to change their lives, Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform is critical for both the student and the institution. Predictive modeling, with machine learning, empowers counselors to align what is important to the student with the institution’s mission. This includes optimizing aspects of their processes, such as financial aid, to achieve their enrollment goals.”

In a statement about Napolitano’s new role, Capture co-founder and CEO Steve Huey said: “Capture is leading a major evolution in enrollment management. Len’s experience, passion and boundless energy are exactly what Capture needs during this crucial time, as we continue to provide industry-leading technology and services to colleges and universities throughout the country.”

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