Case Study: University Sees 75% Year-Over-Year Increase in Inquiries

Located in a highly competitive post-secondary market and following several years of gradual enrollment decline, Duquesne University in Pittsburgh set aggressive goals to grow new undergraduate student enrollment in 2022.

The university partnered with Capture Higher Ed in the spring of 2021 to use Capture’s inquiry and application generation capabilities along with its yield and anti-melt support. Duquesne uses Capture’s full suite of offerings, including search consulting, the Behavioral Intelligence Platform, email and digital marketing, dynamic content, and direct mail. The university also incorporates the APPLY, AID, and ENROLL predictive models into its institutional undergraduate recruitment strategies.

What were their outcomes for the 2021-22 enrollment cycle? A lot of increases! A 75% increase in inquiries; 25% increase in applications; 20% increase in acceptances; and a 22% in deposits.

Download this Capture Case Study to get the details!