Capture Behavioral Engagement

The best way to learn about your visitors is to observe their behaviors.

Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE) is the industry-leading marketing automation software built specifically for higher ed admissions and advancement offices. CBE identifies and tracks the behavior of visitors that are coming to your site.

Why CBE Matters

Why It Matters

Monitoring prospect behavior on your site allows you to tailor your messaging to the specific needs of that individual and communicate with them in real time. By doing this you are communicating the right message to the best prospects at the most relevant moment, making them more likely to interact.

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How CBE Works

Capture uses robust big data and data science to create a proprietary Capture Engagement Score (CES). This lead score guides your influential communications strategy that is unique to your institution. The communication strategy is then delivered by CBE’s marketing automation capabilities.

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How CBE Works

CBE Success Story: The University of Toledo

CBE Success Story:
The University of Toledo

To increase their international reach, the University of Toledo ran two campaigns to increase their international reach. A general dynamic content piece was served to all prospects visiting their site from outside of the United States, as well as personalized marketing messages with testimonials of enrolled international students served to prospective students in that same country.

10,000 unique impressions
6.9% conversation rate of inquiries

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Daily Visitor Report

You and your team will wake up every morning to a custom report detailing all of the visitors who have been on your site in the last 24 hours. Many Capture partners use this report to prioritize prospect outreach for the day.

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