Capture Client Summit: Where the Rubber Hits the Road!

Getting face time with our partners has been fleeting during the years of COVID. That’s why we’d love to see you — and spend some one-on-one time workshopping our way to Fall 2023 — at our first-ever Capture Client Summit on Wednesday, Sept. 21, at Hilton Americas-Houston.

To create easy access to attend, we are piggybacking on NACAC 2022 to host the event. It’s all about letting you connect with your peers and our experts, so we can put our brains together for success.  

Broken into two tracks — counselor and administrator — we hope you will leave the client summit (and the rest of NACAC) prepared to tackle this next enrollment cycle!  

Counselor Track 

The counselor track will start with our new “Counselor” user experience. You will get a sneak peek into the Counselor platform, newly designed to feature — at a glance — only what your counselors need. The idea is to make it easier for them to implement Capture into their daily recruitment efforts.  

We’ll also dive into the new “TRAVEL” feature, an exportable list that helps your teams venture to new territories while getting the most out of their current destination locations. By utilizing past inquiry and application data, we analyze the most effective areas you may find your prospective students. Then, on a downloadable list, we rank the top schools for your most likely applicants.  

Lastly, your counselors will enter the session, “How to Speak to Inquiries,” which will help them tailor things like their elevator speech and overcoming objections. 

Administrator Track 

For our Administrator track we’ll focus on our predictive models, reporting, and finish with a session that showcases successful dynamic content.  

This track will feature breakout sessions with Capture account executives who have used our modeling on your side of the desk to help you navigate the numerous uses. Starting with the predictions dashboards, you’ll workshop how to best use our APPLY model as well as AID and ENROLL to maximize your enrollment funnel.  

Then we’ll workshop pain points using the data and technology within the platform, so we can work through the impending demographic cliff. This second session will help you leverage the data found in the platform to create ROI presentations to your board of trustees and others at the table.  

We will finish the Administrator track with, “Driving Your Goals,” a session where we talk about some hits and misses of dynamic content. We will workshop what works in the higher ed world to attract prospective students and drive yield efforts.  

Happy Hour

To end our Capture Client Summit (and perhaps kick-off NACAC), enjoy happy hour on us at Truckyard — the coolest spot in Houston. (No lie, we had to fight to win the reservation!) 

Register at: I hope to see you there!

By Cat Hollands, Client Trainer, Capture Higher Ed