Capture Community Conversation

Since everyone’s return from holiday break, I’ve met with many new faces joining our enrollment teams. Do you remember being new to higher education? New to your college? Or just in need of some words of advice?

As I meet with new team members, or just those in need of a refresh, I like to go beyond the data in Engage. In that spirit, I want to open the floor to all of you, our partners, who are assisting our students on the front lines. Let’s lift each other up and share some words! In next month’s Capture Chat, I’ll display the words in a fun way for everyone to benefit from. 

I’ll kick things off with something I’d always tell my teams as we got busier throughout the season. You are here because you share a passion to help prospective students pursue their future dreams and aspirations by enrolling in college. While not all conversations are easy, or even pleasant, YOU make the difference. You may not always get the “thank you” you deserve, but at graduation each year, as you watch students walk across the stage, know that you had a part in that … and you made a difference! 

Click Here to shoot me a quick email of words I can share (anonymously) with all of you next month. 😊 

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By Cat Hollands, Client Trainer, Capture Higher Ed