Jump Starting Your New Year!

Holiday break is a glorious time to unwind, give your brain a break, relax and spend time with loved ones. But I know I’m not alone (or hope I’m not) when I say, “WOW is it tough to get your head back in the game.” As I sit here with my peppermint bark brain-fog, I thought, HEY, maybe we all need some re-ignition tips. So, here’s what’s working for me. 


Typically, I leave the TV on. It gives me the feeling of being in an office and hearing voices. But that was a little too soothing at this time of year. I turned Hip-Hop BBQ on Pandora and now I’m bouncin’ on this yoga ball while I check tasks off my to-do list. Find something that makes you smile, gets your foot tappin’ and gets that energy up! 

My Planner 

I’m always a planner gal, but this week I’ve started my day by picking a few tasks that I know I can get done and putting them at the top of the list. The excitement of taking my hot pink pen and crossing off an item is electric to me! Taking the time to map out my day while I sip my coffee has helped me keep perspective on what I know must get done and stay motivated to use that little hot pink pen.  


Getting that blood pumping was a life saver, and the brisk air in Michigan surely helps as well. When I find myself getting antsy or having some brain fog, I get up and head outside. A quick 5-minute walk, just stepping outside to breath fresh air, or even just standing up for a few moments and stretching gives my brain a quick reset and refocus.  

Celebrating Small Victories

You made your bed this morning, logged in on time or didn’t hit traffic? GREAT. It’s the little things in life, so while you get back into the swing, celebrate yourself and your victories, big or small!

If you want more tips, I turned to Google and really enjoyed this article if you’d like to read more 😊. I hope everyone had a glorious break. Let’s get at it! 

By Cat Hollands, Client Trainer, Capture Higher Ed