Let Capture Put Some Muscle Behind Your Recruiting!

Staff shortages, holiday time off, a new recruiting cycle … All at a time when the FAFSA is released for the new year, early application and decision deadlines are looming, and the calendar is full of campus visits and other events … Capture is here to help! Here are a few tips and tricks that may be useful for your recruiting efforts during this crazy time of year.

Dynamic Content

Strategically planned with your account executive, Dynamic Content helps you meet goals throughout the funnel. A recent Niche survey found:

67% of students were influenced by the personalized and relevant information they received. Only 9% reported that they were receiving very personalized and relevant outreach and the share of students reporting that all colleges look and sound alike nearly doubled from 15% to 27%.”

Through Dynamic Content and behavioral data in Engage, you can ensure that the messaging to your prospective students is relevant to their journey. By navigating to your Dynamic Content within your Campaigns tab in Engage, you will find campaigning GOLD through specific toasters, popovers and other content your visitors have engaged with.


By clicking the ellipsis to the right of any of these campaigns, you can download the identified visitors of that specific campaign.

Campaign Muscle

After downloading these identifications, turn on the filter within Excel and scrub the list of visitors that do not need an outreach. For example, if you downloaded a list from your FAFSA push, remove all students for whom you’ve already received FAFSAs. For early application pushes, remove visitors who have already applied. Now you have a clean excel list of prospects to reach out to, split this list among your team members and deploy a communication push to move these visitors to their next step in the funnel.

Additionally, if you are short staffed, you can strategize with your account executive on content that will close the gap in your outreach. Consider deploying an “intent to apply” campaign, in which visitors can raise a hand of their intent. This removes the need to prospect for interest. You can use that list of identifications to let your staff work from there. Other content ideas: deadline campaigns, important dates, waived app fees, etc. Lastly, if your marketing and communication teams are slammed with work, or short staffed as well, ask Capture what content we can pick up for them.

Daily Visitor Reports

Daily Visitor Reports give your staff insight into assigned students who are currently engaging on your website. Using this list, staff can continue the momentum of visitors already making moves. When a counselor leaves the institution, they may be leaving a whole segment of students who are on their own journey. However, in an absence, a vacant counselors DVR can be used as a priority list of those needing follow-up that your team can split, or one person can continue to monitor (perhaps a student ambassador or another member on the team).

To add a recipient to a DVR, click the three vertical dots off to the right of that counselors DVR, and click “Edit.”

Campaign Muscle

From there, add any desired recipients into the “Additional Emails” space.

Campaign Muscle

Daily Visitor Reports can also be tailored to drill into deeper segments, funnel statuses, etc. Perhaps in an absence, you may want your team to keep up only with those in an Inquiry status, so they get a touchpoint from a counselor. We can alter a single DVR to serve only what you need now. If you have a single counselor who can take over the segment in the interim, we can add a counselor to another staff member’s DVR, so they receive one concise email.

There is a lot of functionality within DVRs that we can play with. If you need help or suggestions, just ask. We’re here for you!

By Cat Hollands, Client Trainer, Capture Higher Ed