Platform Updates: ‘User Roles’

Capture’s first rollout of user experiences came in the form of our Counselor Interface. As part of our “counselor experience,” the interface places frontline staff directly into their segment of assigned visitors. This platform starts with a listing of daily visitors and allows staff to filter to criteria within their segment such as “funnel status” and “enroll year.” However (much like Slate queries), if you’re familiar within Capture’s platform, there is no way to alter or accidentally delete any student information. You can’t break it! 😊

Capture's Interface

Capture’s Counselor Interface

For those that have become familiar with our Counselor Interface, an update was made to the location of your “Advanced Search. Now, rather than seeing the Advanced Search button in the top right, you’ll see a funnel symbolFunnelnext to the search bar. You should have retained any previously saved searches; we’ve just moved your button. 

Counselor Filter

Counselor Interface with Filter Button

Additionally, on the left-hand navigation bar, you’ll see the addition of a “Tracking” tab. Clicking into this tab will return you to your list of daily visitors, free of additional search criteria. 

Along with the change in the “filter” button, your search criteria will now show within a list beneath the search bar. This will allow you to quickly remove any search criteria from your list. Quick Tip: While you get used to this feature, you may want to play with increasing the “last visit” and “status” criteria.

Ability to Remove Search Criteria in the Counselor UI

Quick Fact: The counselor UI caches your visitors after a 3-month period. That’s why you may notice differences in visitor numbers between Identified Visitors within Classic Engage, those in DVRs and the Counselor Interface. Caching allows for faster data load for reporting in the UI .   

Now that I’ve discussed the Counselor Interface updates, please know that more new features are on the way. The look and feel will be similar to the Counselor view, so make sure you go in and play as well 😊. The next feature on the docket will pertain to approving content. Marketing, content approvers and collaborators be on the lookout! 

App Switcher in “Classic View”

Please know that as these changes occur, feel free to grab some time from me, so I can show you around these changes via zoom/teams. Or ask me a question over email and I can create a short how-to video for you 😊.

By Cat Hollands, Capture Client Trainer, Capture Higher Ed