Platform Widget Updates: What in the Widget is This?!

Capture is making updates in the platform to the way you view Inquiry Adoption, Market Segmentation and Campaign Analysis widgets.  

First, an update was made to the Capture Inquiry Adoption widget, which will help you track your progress in ingesting, or pulling in, flagged inquiries to your CRM. Previously, your Capture Inquiry Adoption percentage was an overall percentage. Now, you can monitor your rate of ingestion on a 30-day basis and all time.  

Toggling to your “30 day” will show your percentage accumulation as the month progresses, along with your 30-day inquiry counts, segmented in to Organic, Affinity, and Web.

Widgets 1

Additionally, toggling over to your All Time, will allow you to see your overall Inquiry Adoption percentage, and total inquiry counts from ENGAGE 

Widgets 2

Monitoring your 30-day percentage will help ensure that your flagged inquiries are being pulled into your CRM. If this percentage remains low, you may want to check with your Account Executive to see if your data is being exchanged and ingested. 

We have also updated our two quick analytics widgets: Market Segmentation and Campaign Analysis. Previously, if you’ve attended a training with me, I’ve had to explain that these two widgets show numbers that are “unnested,” meaning that, in order to get your true count, you would have to add some categories together.  

For example, to get Applicants from a segment, you would add “admitted, deposited, and enrolled” into your applicant count. This update allows you to see “unique” counts — where each individual lies in your funnel right now — and “cumulative” counts — the total student count in each category. (Cumulative count can be used to quickly pull funnel numbers for meetings. It previously was the count where you’d need to add together “admitted, enrolled and deposited” to your applicant number). 

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By Cat Hollands, Client Trainer, Capture Higher Ed