Summer Searches in the Counselor UI

SummerIt’s summer season. You’ve spent the last months on the move and slinging communications left and right, building your group of students from their inquiry stage. With the finish line in sight, make sure you’re not losing anyone. The goal: monitor and connect with your Fall 2024 admit pool and keep them on ice. We’re talking: enrollments, deposits and melting. 

(*Melting – a fun term we use in the higher ed space to describe an admitted individual who’s starting to lose interest and we run the risk of losing) 

The counselor UI is a quick place to go and run an advanced search to keep a close eye on Fall 2024’s. As I always like to remind everyone, you can’t “break” anything in Capture, so poke around and see what’s going on with your visitors. 

You can manipulate your search criteria as you go about your reporting in order to find a feasible number of students for outreach. I find that using “This Week” generally works well. From there, indicate the statuses you’re looking for, and 2024. 


Within the “Last Visit” criteria, I am a big fan of using “Custom,” especially at a time of year that students may be visiting campus for events. Did you just hold a well-attended visit day? Customize the date range for the event and the preceding days to see what your visitors did thereafter.  

Think about those last enrollment steps needed or what drives new students to get a move on and use those as your starting point to move each visitor along the funnel. GREAT CLASS SCHEDULES. My “go-to” phrase at this time of year: “I just wanted to check in and help you along the next steps. Registration is open and I want to make sure you’re in a place where you can make your dream schedule.” 


The Capture Engagement Score (CES) tells you how engaged, from 0-100 (100 being very engaged), each person is now and this number will fluctuate throughout the week. Remember, focus on the “S” for speed, from 0-100 . How fast is that person “driving” the website right now. I focus on 70+ as being speedy.  

Your Capture Affinity Index is speaking to the person’s “affinity” for your Institution. Or as Buzz Lightyear would say, their desire to go “to infinity and beyond!” with your school. Unlike the CES, the “Infinity” score will only build over time towards 100; the closer to 100 the stickier they are to your school.  

Using CES and CAI once you deploy your search will assist you in what visitors you may want to dig into and connect with. For example, an admitted student with a CAI of an 80 but a CES of a 15 could be falling off the wagon. Dig in. Where were they last visiting? What steps do they have left? If you find that they are all over financial aid, reach out to congratulate them followed by: “A lot of admitted students start thinking about tuition at this time. Have you found our scholarships page?” 

Status, CES/CAI and looking at where your Fall 2024’s are clicking on your website, can really make the difference at this time.  

GREAT JOB TEAMS! You’re almost there for Fall 2024! 😊

By Cat Hollands, Client Trainer, Capture Higher Ed