Umm … Is My Platform Login Supposed to Look Like This?

Recently you may have noticed that, when you log in to your Behavioral Intelligence Platform, the login screen offers a little more to read. This is because we are diligently staying up to date on features and securities to meet our partners’ needs.

As some states update requirements regarding security, Capture has begun pursuing StateRAMP certification, which will ensure we are abiding by any state privacy laws that may pertain to your school. This login screen will not affect anything within your platform, and this security feature covers all partners, whether your state requires it or not.


The Skinny on StateRAMP

StateRAMP simplifies security by providing state and local governments a common method for verification of cloud security. For more information on StateRAMP, visit:

Please note, this does not change anything regarding your data or information inside the platform. This is simply a security piece to our login.

What May Affect You

Part of the security within this update now recognizes login attempts. If you happen to input incorrect login information three times, your account will become locked.

“What do I do then!?” you may ask?

Simply reach out in Basecamp, email your AE, or shoot me a message. Anyone on our team can unlock your account. If you have any lingering questions, don’t be shy. Email me!

By Cat Hollands, Client Trainer, Capture Higher Ed