What’s New? The Nitty Gritty on Platform Updates

At Capture, we are continuously improving and updating our platform. Let’s take a moment and make sure you’re aware of what’s new!

Email Notifications Sent to “Data” Roles

Whenever a custom field is added for use in your PID form, your three core Engage export templates will automatically update to have those custom fields exported as well. Now, when this happens, any users in your platform tagged as a “Data” role will receive an email notification of this change.

This will ensure your data person is aware and can add these new fields into your CRM for seamless ingestion of the information received from that custom field. To receive this email notification, your CRM contact will need to be listed as “data” within Engage. If you have any questions, shoot me an email [chollands@capturehighered.com] or speak with your Account Executive.

Platform Update

Apply Predictions in the Apply Tab

For our Apply partners, you can now find your predictions right in your Apply dashboard as well as your CRM Exports! We’re on our way with our 2023 enrollment efforts, and in preparation, our predictions have also updated to the current 2023 enroll year.

Platform Update

Placing these predictions within the platform allows quick access to all users, including your counselors who do not have access to see CRM Exports. Our Apply predictions utilize your institutions historical data to make a profile of your most likely applicants. This is another tool your counselors can use to prioritize their efforts on those prospective students who are most likely to apply to your school.

As a reminder, the data of your “most likely applicants” are further funneled into a decile score between 1 and 10 … 10 being your top, most-likely-to-apply prospects. I recommend you start with those 10s and work your way down! This is also helpful inHidden Halloween deciding where your money is best spent with mailers and outreach.

Capture UTM Links Automatically Display on Visitor Journey

Urchin Tracking Modules, or UTM codes, are a useful way to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns. As Capture deploys digital efforts, they can be found within the Tracking tab.

Platform Update

To the right of the page, you will see boxes noted as “Display on Timeline.” This refers to these campaigns showing within the Visitor Profiles within Engage. As an update, all Capture created UTM campaigns, will now automatically be “checked” to show. Adding this to a Visitor Profile gives your counselors even more insight into the content their prospective students have engaged with.

Platform Update

Stay tuned for a future webinar highlighting all the cool stuff we can do with UTM codes!

By Cat Hollands, Client Trainer, Capture Higher Ed