What Happens When You Combine RaiseMe with Capture’s Marketing Automation?

Have you heard about RaiseMe? Really, how could you not? It’s been the talk of the town in Time magazine, CNBC, the New York Times and CNN. As early as ninth grade, high school students keep a portfolio to accumulate micro-scholarships for achievements they make throughout their high school years. It could be making good grades, participating in extracurricular activities, volunteering and more. Based in San Francisco, RaiseMe has more than 250 college partners ranging from Arizona State to Carnegie Mellon to Syracuse University.

And students? More than a million have RaiseMe accounts.

Now, consider how this program might work with Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE), our marketing automation software. You may already know that our technology targets engaged visitors — prospective students — with customized messaging. You may even have a sense of the kind of time and resources this technology can save admission offices.

Combine the RaiseMe platform and the CBE marketing automation and what happens?

Consider this: student applicants who have accounts with the RaiseMe program have, on average, higher GPAs and test scores than traditional student applicants. RaiseMe is a wealth of students who likely will excel at your school, and CBE can help drive traffic to the RaiseMe site. When prospective students complete a profile, we can help deliver effective scholarship messaging.

Our marketing automation technology can target visitors who are eligible for scholarships and display targeted messages to those visitors — and all on a one-to-one basis.

Together, CBE and RaiseMe can help you engage your prospective students earlier and tackle sticker price shock by notifying students of financial aid resources available at your institution. Showing eligible scholarships can also help motivate students to pursue rigorous coursework and leadership activities.

Below is case study information on our first five university partners that started using toasters — small ads that rise from the bottom of a web page — to target class of 2019 or later students to encourage RaiseMe sign ups. These ads target high school underclassmen to inform them of cut-off dates for the micro scholarships.

Here is how the CBE-powered dynamic content — served between Jan. 1 and May 21 — has helped increase sign ups so far.

  • Partner 1, a mid-size, private Christian college in Illinois, increased its number of prospects who signed up for RaiseMe from 380 to 709, an increase of 329.
  • Partner 2, a large public regional university out West, increased its number of prospects from 94 to 164, an increase of 70.
  • Partner 3, a small private Christian university in Texas, increased its number of prospects who signed up for RaiseMe from 1 to 50.
  • Partner 4, a mid-size, private liberal arts college in New York State, increased signups from 185 to 214, up 29.
  • And, Partner 5, a mid-size, private liberal arts college in Maryland, increased signups from 9 to 45, up 36.

You can learn more about the partnership by watching this recent webinar featuring Capture Higher Ed’s own Dr. Thom Golden and George Kirkland, the co-founder and CEO of RaiseMe.

By Sean Hill, Senior Content Writer, Capture Higher Ed