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Context makes a conversation compelling. You learn more about your potential students as they engage and interact with your institution. Additional behavioral insights and data points inform and shape messaging into relevant, timely and meaningful interactions that help the student to explore your institution with confidence and clarity.

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Email Address Targeting
Digital ads can be targeted to devices associated with an individual’s email address. These ads can be distributed across traditional ad networks or can be targeted to specific social ad networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

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Household IP Targeting
IP algorithm that determines the IP address based on a physical address, then used for precise ad targeting to any connected device in that household.

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GEO-IP Targeting
Capture’s GEO-IP targeting helps you to target your marketing to specific geographical regions by serving ads to anyone browsing on networks within the defined area.


Website Retargeting
Industry-leading ad networks are used to deliver digital ads to previous site visitors. Website Retargeted ads will be displayed to your site abandoner as he or she browses the internet. The messages of the ads are custom designed reflect the moment of engagement, your institution’s tone and voice and keep your brand in front of bounced traffic. Capture’s Website Retargeting Ads function across platforms, operating systems and will display on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.

Social Retargeting
Capture’s Social Retargeting also targets previous site visitors by serving relevant and timely ads. As the name implies, Social Retargeting ads resemble social media posts and are displayed within the Facebook and Instagram ad networks. Increase your reach with refined messaging that speaks directly to socially engaged potential students, their parents and friends after they have left your site.