Digital Marketing

Behavioral Email Series

The power of the Behavioral Intelligence Platform’s real-time data gives you insights into where prospective students are in the enrollment decision process. With this information, you are able to deploy a dynamic, behavioral-based email strategy that delivers the right message at the right time.

All prospective students and their families have a unique series of emails built to guide them through their decision journey. Institutional value positioning, program announcements and steps toward application submission are all relayed in a series of timely and targeted email communications.

Capture’s Behavioral Email Series can help improve email deliverability as well as establish and maintain a healthy sender reputation with various Internet Service Providers (ISPs), i.e. Gmail and Yahoo.

Site Solutions

Landing Pages
Capture’s Landing Pages provide prospects with relevant information and typically include a specific call to action, such as a short web form or scholarship calculator. These pages track visits from advertising and marketing within ENGAGE to identify visitors that complete and submit the form.

Progressive Identification Forms (PIDs)
ENGAGE’s Progressive Identification Forms (PIDs) are short forms designed to collect prospect information such as name, email, phone number, etc. Completed forms result in an identified visitor, a generated lead and can trigger additional pieces of campaigns. PIDs can be served as a popover or as an embedded piece of content on your site.

A Toaster is a small graphic that slides up from the bottom right corner of a web page based on visitor behaviors. Toasters can be targeted to visitors, usually students, and have a specific call to action. Toasters can be strategically used to influence specific segments or to all site visitors.

A Pop-over dynamically displays over a web page and can be a graphic, form, short piece of HTML content or media, such as a video. Pop-overs, like toasters, can have a specific call to action that is clearly defined for the visitor. Pop-overs will display only once, regardless of the action taken by the visitor.

Image Swaps and Image Inserts

  • Image Swap: A graphic with a specific message that replaces an image currently on the partner website when viewed by a visitor matching specific behavioral or demographic criteria.
  • Image Insert:  Can be used to add a new image onto a page. We have used this method to provide special messaging to specific groups; for instance out-of-state students might see a different message or image than in-state students.

Image Swaps and Image Inserts give you the ability to populate new images, or replace existing images, on your website based on behavioral or demographic criteria.


Triggered Email
Capture’s Triggered Emails are sent to identified site visitors after a desired action has been completed. The email features information based on what content the student has viewed or on the action taken.

Triggered Text
Through Capture’s partnership with Mongoose, the leading higher ed texting platform, behavior-based triggered text messages can be sent to your identified website visitors.