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Behavioral Intelligence Platform: ENGAGE

Identify students. Reduce your marketing spend per student. Increase enrollment.

ENGAGE, a product within the Behavioral Intelligence Platform (BIP), is the only enrollment product to identify unknown visitors; personalize digital content for a student based on their actions; inform counselors about what’s important to prospects throughout the enrollment journey; and measure every interaction among every individual campaign, aligning them to your institution’s ROI.

Why ENGAGE Matters

Not only does ENGAGE identify prospective students who are unavailable from any list buy, the software reduces the interaction time with prospects by serving personalized content. ENGAGE also measures every interaction, at every stage of the enrollment journey, whether it be through digital advertising, emails, paid social prospecting or other outreach methods.

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Why CBE Matters

Solutions for Today’s Enrollment Leaders

Daily Visitor Report  

Capture’s comprehensive Daily Visitor Report (DVR), featuring all website recent activity from the past 24 hours, gives you the power to prioritize highly engaged prospective students.

  • Unique reports by market segments and counselor assignments
  • Downloadable data
  • Detailed information on pages visited
  • Full browsing history on your website

Capture Prospects

ENGAGE captures two types of stealth prospects: Organic Prospects and Affinity Prospects.

Organic Prospects
Identified site visitors who have completed and submitted behavioral-based Progressive Identification (PID) form.

Affinity Prospects
Behaviorally identified visitors with an Affinity Index that makes them similar to “traditional” inquiries and just as likely to apply.

Engagement Score 

Capture’s Engagement Score uses a proprietary algorithm that calculates each visitors level of interest, from 0-100, over a period of time. The Engagement Score gives you the ability to execute agile communications strategies when the visitor is most engaged with your website.

Any visitor with an applicant status or beyond that indicates a high Engagement Score should be followed up with immediately.

Affinity Index

Capture’s Affinity Index uses a proprietary algorithm to produce a real-time score based on a cumulative prospect engagement level on your website since the moment of identification in ENGAGE. Capture’s Affinity Index will help you to:

  • Segment students for recruitment or yield efforts, data analytics, predictive modeling or communications.
  • Prioritize Inquiry and Applicant outreach communications.
  • Determine which non-deposited students may be wavering on whether or not to attend.

Counselor Alerts

Capture’s Counselor Alerts provide instant notification to your admissions team when identified visitors are on your website. Messages can be specified by territory and provide a relevant and timely way for your team to assist prospective students in the next steps of the recruitment process.


Email Address Targeting
Digital ads are targeted to devices based on an individual’s email address. These ads are distributed across traditional ad networks or to specific social ad networks such as Facebook and Instagram.

Household IP Targeting
IP algorithm that determines the IP address based on a physical address, then used for precise ad targeting to any connected device in that household.

GEO-IP Targeting
Capture’s GEO-IP targeting helps you to target your marketing to specific geographical regions by serving ads to anyone browsing on networks within the defined area.


Website Retargeting
Industry-leading ad networks are used to deliver digital ads to previous site visitors. Website Retargeted ads will be displayed to your site abandoner as he or she browses the internet. The messages of the ads are custom designed reflect the moment of engagement, your institution’s tone and voice and keep your brand in front of bounced traffic.

Social Retargeting
Social Retargeting ads are more socially focused and are displayed within the Facebook and Instagram ad networks. Social Retargeting also targets previous site visitors by serving relevant and timely ads. Increase your reach with refined messaging that speaks directly to socially engaged potential students, their parents and friends after they have left your site.

Behavioral Email Series

The power of the Behavioral Intelligence Platform’s real-time data gives you insights into where prospective students are in the enrollment decision process. With this information, you are able to deploy a dynamic, behavioral-based email strategy that delivers the right message at the right time.

Capture’s Behavioral Email Series can help improve email deliverability as well as establish and maintain a healthy sender reputation with various Internet Service Providers (ISPs), i.e. Gmail and Yahoo.

Site Solutions

  • Landing Pages
  • Progressive Identification Forms (PIDs)
  • Toasters
  • Pop-overs
  • Image Swaps and Image Insert


  • Triggered Email
  • Triggered Text

Search Consulting

Capture’s team of Account Executives provide data analysis, search strategy and continuing recommendations for purchasing names from selected sources including ACT|NRCCUA, College Board and others. Recommendations are based on your specific enrollment goals and use an iterative, data-driven approach to produce the most qualified, mission-fit prospects. Search Consulting applies multiple sources over time allowing a continual flow of students to generate interested students.

In addition to ENGAGE’s marketing automation, Search Consulting can be paired with the Behavioral Intelligence Platform’s machine-learning based predictive modeling products: APPLY, AID and ENROLL.

Results can be put into action with campaigns such as digital advertising, that provide prospective students with personalized communications.

Social Marketing

Capture’s Social Marketing features highly engaging, customized ads that are served on Facebook and Instagram. These ads typically receive higher click engagement than standard web ads and give you the ability to find and target new prospective students through custom-built audiences based on demographics such as location, interests, education level, degree type, behaviors and more.

Enrollment leaders can finally measure and optimize their ad campaigns across thousands of sites using Google, Facebook, Instagram all within the Behavioral Intelligence Platform.

LinkedIn Advertising

From sponsored content and text ads to lead generation forms, LinkedIn Advertising can target graduate and non-traditional prospective students as well as alumni. Capture harnesses the power of LinkedIn’s advanced user-targeting capabilities ensuring your messages are being delivered to the right target audience.


Capture’s Smart Direct Mail goes far beyond traditional, bulk print offerings. When coupled with Capture’s predictive models, you can target top-prospect pool segments maximizing results and saving money. Expand awareness, encourage responses and increase conversions with highly personalized print pieces that are crafted to match your institution’s brand and tone.

Formats include:

  • Full-color, regular and tri-fold postcards
  • Personalized letters

Connecting Over The Great Outdoors

From no response to commitment in one highly relevant email.

A Carson-Newman admissions counselor, Spenser Smith, had been trying to get in touch with a prospective student for several weeks. He wrote emails and sent texts. He made calls and mailed printed materials … all with no response.

Then Carson-Newman partnered with Capture and began to use ENGAGE, marketing automation built specifically for colleges and universities. That’s when Spenser identified a better strategy for communicating with the student.

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ENGAGE is a managed service. The Capture professionals who will help you get the most out of ENGAGE include your:

  • Account Executive: Enrollment experts who serve as the primary contact to create your strategies, assess your performance metrics, and guide the building and implementation of your Partner Success Plan.
  • Project Manager: To ensure efficient approval, launch and optimization of campaigns as well as plan and organize your process.
  • Designers: To ensure adherence to your university’s brand standards and guidelines while delivering multi-channel design work.
  • Communication Specialists: To provide creative editorial execution in every marketing channel while continuously improving and optimizing your campaigns.