Enrollment Solutions

Optimized Enrollment Solutions For This Generation of Undergraduate Admissions

There are two primary goals that are common among 99% of higher education enrollment offices…meet your incoming goal and don’t exceed the budget in the process.

Capture’s undergraduate solutions are 100% rooted in two industry-changing (OR revolutionary) tools:  Capture Behavior Engagement (CBE) and Envision.  Whether the goal is to create a bigger pool of applicants, increase a developing market audience, strengthening your yield process or bringing more prospects all the way through the funnel.

The undergraduate solutions from Capture take advantage of cutting edge technology—like digital display targeting (DDT) or engagement-based marketing automation through text (to name a few)—while simultaneously maximizing the proven tools of student search, direct mail and more.  Capture’s tools will allow your institution to maximize your current budget(s) and make the smartest possible decisions to reach the goals that you have.

Redefining Graduate Enrollment

Prospective graduate students are notoriously elusive. This presents a significant challenge to those charged with their recruitment and enrollment. Capture’s industry-changing behavioral intelligence platform serves as the core of our graduate solutions. In concert with modern digital advertising tools, our graduate solutions generate greater program awareness, advance consideration by delivering the right message at the right time, and reveal stealth interest in the form of highly converting inquiries.

Capture’s graduate solutions provide for powerful marketing interventions that convey the value of your graduate programs. The data and insights produced by the behavior of individual prospects and applicants allow your teams, even your faculty, to forge meaningful connections that serve to increase conversion.

Capture’s fully-managed graduate solutions will see that your graduate programs remain top-of-mind until the point of enrollment.


275 prospective students indicated that they were interested in Graduate Studies and 259 (94.2%) of those were new organic graduate prospects

Bellarmine partnered with Capture to increase undergraduate and graduate enrollment. Graduate initiatives included organic graduate school inquiries through progressive identification and increased exposure to Graduate Info Sessions.