Enrollment Journey: From Google Search to Applying to Your Institution

Capture Higher Ed’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform facilitates the kind of responsive marketing that lets your admissions team meet prospective students at their moment of intent. These moments happen throughout their enrollment journey. Let’s follow along with Lucca as she looks for an accounting program.

Enrollment JourneyFirst, Lucca searches on Google for accounting programs in her area. This leads her to your institution’s website where she browses two pages and then leaves the site.  ​

About a month later, Lucca, who is also in your purchased search name pool, receives a Capture-tracked email from your enrollment office.

She clicks into the email, connecting her past browsing history with her current website activity, and now has an identified and tracked profile on Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform.Enrollment Journey

Over the next few days and through web retargeting ads, Lucca receives digital ads prompting her to take a virtual tour of your institution. She takes the tour.

Next, Lucca receives a series of Capture Behavioral Emails telling her more about campus life and local accounting internship opportunities.​

She returns to your website through one of the emails where she is served a Personal Identification form encouraging her to request additional information.

She is contacted by an admissions counselor and attends an info session on ENGAGE Events to get all her questions answered.

Enrollment JourneyThe next day, Lucca visits the accounting program’s page where she is served a Popover, encouraging her to apply. She clicks onto the link and begins her application process.

With a marketing automation platform, AI-powered predictive models, and fully managed services and solutions built specifically for higher education recruitment, Capture gives universities and colleges the ability to identify prospective students, engage them in relevant ways, and convert them to applicants.

Download Lucca’s journey below for a visual on how Capture can help you guide your future students.