Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: AID

Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: AID

(In Part 5 of our blog series describing Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform (BIP), we discuss Aid, which enables Capture clients to stay within their financial aid budget while increasing enrollment. The first four installments of the series were Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: An Evolution in Higher Ed RecruitmentCapture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: What Does It Run On?Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: ENGAGE and Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: APPLY.)

Ask any prospective college student today and they will say the cost of higher education is a major concern. That means it has never been more important for universities to carefully determine who should receive financial aid and how much to offer.

Aid — part of Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform (BIP) — optimizes financial aid and increases enrollment by using the industry’s only comprehensive predictive engine for higher education. This allows universities to increase student enrollment while staying within their aid budget.

Aid gives schools the power to adjust their financial aid awarding to go beyond traditional, inefficient matrix-based aid structures and the control to optimize the amount of financial aid to award each student.

Aid provides actionable results, including the ability to:
  • Increase a university’s enrolled class size while staying under its aid budget;
  • Quickly and accurately calculate tuition revenue amounts, total aid expenditure and discount rates for an institution’s current set of admitted students;
  • Calculate aid adjustments in real-time to see the impact on a university’s enrollment and net tuition revenue.

Results are showcased in an interactive dashboard where student-level probabilities and aid award adjustments can be downloaded, and model performance metrics are transparently displayed in real-time.

The dashboard displays real-time updates to the predicted net tuition revenue and predicted discount rate values as adjustments are being made. In addition to these metrics, the dashboard also displays the predicted aid spend, total offered aid amount, the amount of aid being increased, the amount of aid being decreased, etc.

Aid is a machine learning-based solution that makes enrollment and financial aid adjustment predictions using hundreds of variables and multiple algorithms.

Contact us today, if you have questions about Aid, or any of the solutions on Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform.  And be sure to check back next week for the sixth installment of this blog series when we outline Enroll, part of the platform that empowers universities to convert admitted students into enrolled students more effectively.