Capture Success: Creating A Sense of Urgency

Capture Success: Creating A Sense of Urgency

This past spring, Belhaven University, a private Christian liberal arts school in Jackson, Miss., with an enrollment of about 3,800 students, wanted to stoke up a sense of urgency in prospective students to submit their applications.

Working with Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE), the university used a “toaster” — a concise ad that rises from the bottom of the screen — that would greet visitors to their website who were identified as either a suspected future applicant or someone who previously had started an online application.

The campaign specifically targeted highly engaged visitors, defined as having come to Belhaven’s website two or more times in the past.

Using urgent language — “What are you waiting for?” and “Applications are pouring in” and “Save your spot right now” — the toaster ad directed these visitors to the university’s application as well as a list of supplemental materials required to complete the application.


Did it work?

That would be a big “yes.” And an added bonus? It was simple to implement. Belhaven gets to communicate with the prospects they want, while prospects easily get the information they want. In the first four weeks, the toaster was delivered to 224 known prospects while they were browsing the university’s website. Of those, 12.4 percent, or nearly 30 prospects, began the application process.

It’s a great example of CBE enabling more effective communication with prospective students. When trying to create a sense of urgency, the ability to track known visitors and engage them in real time is essential.

Belhaven knew these specific visitors were interested. Why else would they return to the website multiple times? And they were able to deliver appropriate content, in this case, to give these prospective students a helpful nudge to take the next step.

Delivering the most relevant information when the student cares about it the most: That’s what Capture Behavioral Engagement is all about.

Kevin Hyde, Content Writer, Capture Higher Ed