Capture Success: Increasing Interest and Apps at Avila

Capture Success: Increasing Interest and Apps at Avila

At Capture Higher Ed, we like to end each workweek with a little good-natured bragging. It helps us embark on the weekend upbeat, exuberant and ready to party like Keith Richards on his birthday. (Or Kanye on a Wednesday.)

This week’s success story is set in Kansas City, Mo., home of beautiful Avila University, and involves a campaign to increase junior interest in attending Avila as well as overall applications for 2016 recruitment.

Our strategy was to contact 30,000 prospective high school juniors in January of 2015 and—utilizing our cutting-edge technologies like IP Targeting, Remarketing and Behavioral Engagement—encourage them to take quicker action. We also wanted to create a more personalized, customized experience, so Avila could reach out to them through several different channels.

So, have the results been “Start Me Up”? Or more like, “You Can’t Always Get What You Want”?

The results have been decidedly “Start Me Up!” The campaign moved 57 percent of juniors who had inquired about Avila into the application process prior to the 2016 recruitment cycle, yielding more than 400 applications. 

That’s good.

Also, the positive click-through-rate (CTR) in the junior campaign email outreach increased to 5.8 percent, well above the industry average of 3.5 percent, and the integrated IP Targeting and Re-targeting campaigns had .23 percent CTR, nearly triple the industry average of .08 percent.

Overall, 2016 search-influenced prospect engagement is up 32 percent, and applications submission is up 43 percent.

This is has been great news for Avila University.

“I feel like I have a true recruitment partner with Capture Higher Ed,” says Bethany Bauer, senior director of admission at Avila. “They share in our goals, listen to my concerns and help provide strategic support along the way. Not to mention the superior cutting-edge tools they provide that helps make both mine and my team’s jobs easier every day.”

By Kevin Hyde, Content Writer, Capture Higher Ed