Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: ENGAGE

Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: ENGAGE

(The following is Part 3 of a blog series outlining Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform (BIP). Be sure to go back and read the first two installments The Behavioral Intelligence Platform: An Evolution in Higher Ed Recruitment and Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: What Does It Run On?)

When Capture introduced its Behavioral Intelligence Platform during the 2019 NACAC National Conference in September, it may have led to the question: What happened to Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE)? Don’t worry. It didn’t go anywhere. The Behavioral Intelligence Platform, or BIP, is simply a new way we’re talking about and organizing our marketing automation and predictive engine solutions. We think of them as part of a launching pad — or platform — for modern enrollment management with our marketing automation built specifically for higher education and the most comprehensive predictive modeling in the field.

Like with CBE, the BIP gives our partner universities and their prospective students more control throughout the decision process. It fundamentally shifts how they engage prospective students and gives them the control to target interested students in relevant ways that increase engagement, drive admissions and improve student retention.

About Engage ​ 

Engage, Capture’s premier marketing automation solution for higher ed, uses the power of Behavioral Intelligence to generate robust, data-rich profiles of prospective students based on engagement throughout a student’s college decision process. Through Engage, universities can provide prospective students with customized, timely and relevant experiences at each step of their decision process. This eliminates the dependency of aimless mass marketing and serves as a critical connection between student and school.

As it was with CBE, Engage is complemented with a fully managed services team of experienced enrollment, marketing and technology experts who will build powerful marketing automation programs.

The BIP’s Engage solution includes:
  • A Daily Visitor Report (DVR): Capture’s comprehensive daily report features all recent website activity over the past 24 hours. This gives universities the knowledge to prioritized highly engaged prospects.
  • Scoring: Capture has two proprietary algorithms that calculate a prospect’s level of interest, the Capture Engagement Score (CES) and the Capture Affinity Index (CAI). Capture directs universities on how to use these scores in their recruitment strategies to maximize engagement with prospects.
  • Search Consulting: These services provide data analysis, search strategy and continuing recommendations for purchasing names from selected sources like ACT, College Board, NRCCUA and others. Recommendations are based on a university’s specific enrollment goals and use an iterative, data-driven approach to produce the most qualified, mission-fit prospects. Capture’s approach, applied to multiple sources over time, allows us to provide a continual flow of students into an institution’s efforts to generate interested students.
  • Email Marketing: Capture’s email series are designed and optimized to increase online engagement and promote a prospect’s next step in their decision process with branded, personalized and targeted content.
  • Digital Display Advertising (DDA): This multi-channel marketing suite is built to engage and influence prospective students and their parents through customized digital ads. Whether through audience segmentation, geo-targeting, retargeting, individual behavior or paid search, digital ads are served on any device through web, mobile and social media channels.
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM): This feature optimizes search engine results leveraging Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEM also utilizes the Google Ad Network to deliver content based on the prospect’s search history.
  • Capture Recruitment Intelligence (CRI): Capture’s CRI comes in the form of two surveys — the Pre-Recruitment Survey and Yield Survey. The Pre-Recruitment Survey provides universities valuable insight into how their brands are perceived by students in their inquiry pools. The Yield Survey allows universities to know what admitted students are searching for and address their specific needs.
  • Landing Pages: Capture’s Landing Pages provide prospects with relevant information and typically include a specific call to action, such as a short webform or scholarship calculator. These pages are effective because they track visits from advertising and dynamic content campaigns that work to identify visitors that complete and submit the form.
  • Portals (Application/Payment): Capture can design, build and host a custom application and/or payment portal. The form can be multi-page for any population of prospective students.

These are just some of the options universities have through Engage, an integral part of Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform. It makes all aspects of the platform work better.

Stay tuned for Part 4 of this blog series when we discuss Apply, the first of three solutions on the Behavioral Intelligence Platform that is powered by the only comprehensive predictive engine in higher education. 

Also, be sure to contact us if you have any questions about the platform.