See the ‘Me in College’ Movie Playing in a Student’s Head

See the ‘Me in College’ Movie Playing in a Student’s Head

If you could ask only one question of a prospective student as a means of gauging their interest in your institution, what would you ask? The Capture Recruitment Intelligence (CRI) Yield Engagement Survey gives us the answer to the question: “Can you see yourself at our university?”

Students who say they can, are four times more likely to deposit at your institution than students who either don’t know, or are not sure.

In fact, in one case study, 50 percent of students answering that they could see themselves at the institution deposited while only 11 percent of students who either didn’t know or answered negatively deposited.

Why is this? We have discussed previously the power of simulation in directing student, and more broadly consumer, behavior. We utilize visualization of an outcome in an attempt to forecast the probability of future happiness and success experienced from a particular endeavor. While it is widely noted that people, especially adolescents, are particularly bad at this kind of forecasting, its importance in decision-making is no less agreed upon.

Getting to know the “me in college” movie that is playing in prospective students’ heads is of vital importance to you and your student recruitment staffs. It is against that backdrop on which your institution will be measured.

Capture’s CRI recruitment surveys offer admission offices a chance to see those movies. CRI is a state-of-the-art student survey platform that offers both your marketing and enrollment teams actionable intelligence on your institution’s brand in your highest priority markets.

In short, CRI measures two broad components: what’s important to kids and how strong your brand is. It quantifies your brand, exposing potential weak points, but also demonstrating what is working. Like Capture Higher Ed’s other efforts, we aim to drive higher yield for your institution, and CRI directly asks students how schools can best do that.

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By Thom Golden, Ph.D., Vice President of Data Science, Capture Higher Ed