Facebook, Picture Frames and The Dayton Daily News: A Retargeting Tour

Facebook, Picture Frames and The Dayton Daily News: A Retargeting Tour

You know how scrolling through Facebook is. You come across an article, you click on it, you move on. Sometimes you completely forget what you looked at. I must have done this when I clicked on some story that appeared in the Dayton Daily News. Which is odd because I don’t even live in Dayton.

Normally, I wouldn’t have even remembered doing so — if it wasn’t for the fact that a Facebook retargeting ad popped up from the Dayton Daily News, offering me a digital subscription.

Facebook Retargeting Ad

In fact, a lot has happened on my Facebook feed of late. Picture frames, for example.

I pore over antique picture frames on eBay, so much so that I figured I may as well sign up — which I really already had, since eBay falls under the domain of Yahoo, and I already had a mail account. I even bought something — no surprise now that eBay enters stage right.

Facebook Retargeting Ad



But here’s the genius of it: the frame on the left? It’s one I’ve repeatedly looked at. It’s even one I showed exceptional interest in because I emailed the seller. So here is eBay’s friendly reminder that I do, in fact, feel inspired by this frame.

Same thing with B&H photo. I looked up, via Google, backdrops, which landed me on the very page that this ad — it appears in my feed, front and center — appears on:

Facebook Retargeting Ad

Look what I’ve got now: a full description of the product, an image, it’s cost, and a button to “Buy Now.” How do I feel about all this?

Well, in the case of Buffalo Wild Wings, I don’t find this helpful. I ate there once, and I’m not clear why I get their ads. Maybe I looked at a menu online once; I think I once ate there with my sister’s family. Oh, and I grew up near Buffalo.

But when Kentucky Natural Lands Trust pops up a sponsored post, then yes, I’m interested — even grateful. My guess is that a high school student, who is interested in your institution and in the middle of his or her college search journey, would feel the same way.



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By Sean Hill, Senior Content Writer, Capture Higher Ed