Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: An Evolution in Higher Ed Recruitment

Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform: An Evolution in Higher Ed Recruitment

Welcome to Part 1 of a blog series delving into Capture Higher Ed’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform (BIP), which was successfully launched last month during the 2019 NACAC National Conference in Capture’s hometown of Louisville. Capture’s BIP represents a fundamental shift in how universities can engage prospective students and a profound evolution in overall higher ed recruitment.

With its ENGAGE, APPLY, AID and ENROLL solutions, Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform gives universities the power and control of modern enrollment management and higher ed recruitment through marketing automation built specifically for higher education as well as the most comprehensive predictive modeling in the industry. The BIP eliminates a university’s dependency on aimless mass marketing and serves as a critical connection between student and school.

“Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform gives us the integrated solutions to engage our prospective students more effectively, with timely, relevant and personalized experiences throughout all the important steps of their college decision process,” says Beth Keserauskis, vice president of marketing and enrollment services at St. Louis College of Pharmacy, a Capture partner. “The platform allows our institution to focus on those students who are most likely to both apply and enroll… and ultimately succeed at our college. It has become a vital piece in how we devise and execute our enrollment strategy in today’s challenging higher ed environment.”

The BIP is complemented with a fully managed services team of experienced enrollment, marketing and technology experts. We don’t just hand over the keys; we help you drive it.

Capture’s client universities using the platform see results varying from 18% increases in enrollment and 30% decreases in marketing expenditures while providing students with meaningful and engaging content.

Blast Off!

The celebration of Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform’s successful launch was taken up a notch during the first night of the conference, Sept. 26, with Capture’s NACAC party at Rabbit Hole Distillery. With more than 350 invited NACAC attendees, the event included bluegrass music, Kentucky bourbon, local food and a host of fun activities.

The event also featured Capture’s Technology Partner Showcase, which highlighted tech companies StudentBridge, PlatformQ and Mongoose.

“This was a big year for the NACAC National Conference; its 75th anniversary,” said Capture President Leonard Napolitano. “We were delighted to have the conference here in Louisville and extremely gratified to launch Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform during such a wonderful event.”

In the following blog series, we will explore the meaning of Behavioral Intelligence and step through each solution in Capture’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform, describe some of its features and explain how it is leading an evolution in enrollment management and higher ed recruitment.

By Kevin Hyde, Senior Content Writer, Capture Higher Ed