Identify Prospective Students Who are on your Website

Identify Prospective Students Who are on your Website

Capture Higher Ed’s Progressive Identification—Apply a product apart of the Behavioral Intelligence Platform—allows our partner colleges and universities to Identify Prospective Students Who are on your Website. We gather information about anonymous visitors to their websites. They can both learn who the visitors are and get an idea of what the visitors are interested in based on where they go on the site.

It’s still early, but how successful has Progressive Identification been in getting prospective students to identify so far?

In a word: Very.

We currently have 11 different partners who are running a total of 19 different Progressive ID form campaigns. Since we started launching these forms about two months ago, we have seen a high rate of success across each partner. There have been a total of 19,068 impressions (the times the form was served) and 741 form fills, which is a 3.89 percent conversion rate. Of those 741 forms submitted, 528 forms contained new organic prospect information—a 71 percent conversion rate.

A great example is the University of Toledo.

UT was interested in gathering additional international inquiries for their engineering programs. Capture has set up a Progressive ID form that displays for any international visitor who visits more than two engineering pages on UT’s site.


Launched on June 16, this campaign has seen a total of 2,183 impressions served. Of those, 137 completed the form—a 6 percent conversion. Of the 137 that filled out the form, 134 were brand new inquiries that Toledo did not already have in their pool. That’s an impressive 98 percent conversion.

Now, it’s a matter of determining the quality of these leads—if our schools can make positive contact with these formerly anonymous prospects and get them to inquire, apply or beyond.Identify Prospective Students Who are on your Website with Capture.

By Kevin Hyde, Content Writer, Capture Higher Ed