Prospecting the right student, at the right time, based on interest

Prospecting the right student, at the right time, based on interest

Wouldn’t it be nice to be contacted at the right moment? Based on what you are interested in? Instead of being continuously called upon when you have no interest in what the person is offering on the other end?

I know it always bothers me to get cold calls on items that would never interest me. Now, think about how a university’s prospective students must feel when they get bombarded at a time when they are not in the right frame of mind to be “shopping” that institution.

Prospecting students is a massive undertaking for an admissions office. It involves making calls and sending blind emails based on a lead-volume obtained from purchase lists. It also involves hoping and praying that these prospects will convert using these tactics.

There must be a more strategic way.

How can you get in front of these technology-driven students and pique their interests at the right time while freeing up some of your staff’s valuable time to communicate with students who already are interested?

For the past five years, I have been a part of the Capture Higher Ed team, and I still enjoy the excitement as potential partners partake in a first demo of Capture Behavioral Engagement. They see the possibilities of marketing automation for their school right there. They understand the benefits to delivering personalized messaging directly to the students while they are looking for it.

It’s a technology-focused way of communicating — a solution that provides immediate benefits.

Simply put, marketing automation allows admissions offices with relatively small staffs to manage messaging and informed contact with thousands of students, around-the-clock, responsive to students whenever their interest is piqued.

Using a marketing automation tool, you can capture their data and continue marketing to them based on their online activity and behavior. Giving the right information at the right time can convert leads into students and boost enrollment.

By Jessica Daves, Executive Sales Manager, Capture Higher Ed