Real-Time Yield: Increase Conversions By Communicating in the Moment

Real-Time Yield: Increase Conversions By Communicating in the Moment

Finish strong! How many times do we plead with high school seniors to avoid the dreaded senioritis and maintain focus and urgency through their final year of high school? But the idea of finishing strong applies just as aptly to the enrollment managers recruiting these young people to their colleges and universities.

Even after being accepted to an institution, an admitted student continues to research such important topics as affordability, academic offerings, student life opportunities as well as the potential rate of return on getting an education there.

These final stages of consideration are crucial — and certainly no time to end the conversation and hope for the best.

But how do you know what to communicate? How do you know when to communicate it? How do you answer an admitted student’s questions before he or she even asks them?

How do you finish strong?

For one, you track what the student is researching on your website. You continue to find out what she is interested in, what pages he is visiting and returning to, and you deliver the information he or she needs in real-time.

This is when marketing automation and digital advertising tools really shine. It’s when a modern approach to student recruitment — utilizing hyper-targeted, cost-effective marketing tactics — can make all the difference, allowing your enrollment team to answer questions with ease and timeliness while providing data and insight to increase the yield of a recruitment campaign.

For Capture Higher Ed partner schools, this means deploying Capture Behavioral Engagement (CBE), which allows them to use personalized, dynamic content — toasters (ads that rise up like toast on a web page), image swaps, popovers or triggered emails — to communicate directly with their known admitted students while they are actively searching their website.

It means using Digital Display Targeting (DDT), which targets admitted students via their personal email address, no matter where they are located.

With CBE and DDT, Capture clients can bridge the online and offline activities of their prospects, giving these crucial, admitted students the information they need to make their decisions.

By Kevin Hyde, Content Writer, Capture Higher Ed