Thinking About Your Marketing New Year’s Resolutions? It’s Time To Start Using IP Targeting Seriously.

Thinking About Your Marketing New Year’s Resolutions? It’s Time To Start Using IP Targeting Seriously.

Online advertising is changing. In fact, it’s seeing the biggest shift since the iPhone became mainstream. This change is great because it’s long overdue.

Currently and historically, success is defined by click through rate (CTR), bounce rate, page view, time on site, conversions, etc. This no longer is the best practice or standard.

Now, with technological advancements from some of the brightest tech minds, we can target people at home or at work with banner ads using the IP address as the entry point. This advertising method is called IP targeting, and it means we no longer need to use cookies, or depend on the CTR and form fills to illustrate success.

To provide these services, Capture Higher Ed utilizes El Toro’s IP Targeting.

El Toro is the only one-to-one, 100 percent cookie-free, IP-targeting solution. It can define all attributes and targeting schema with OFFLINE data as opposed to online data, which means easily proving the efficacy of a campaign with match-back analysis.

El Toro knows who it is targeting by name and by street address, which means once a campaign wraps it can cross-reference purchases against targets and provide a physical and 100 percent accurate ROI from the campaign.

No other online marketing product can do this (and if they promise they can, they’re probably violating El Toro’s patent).

Higher education is seeing phenomenal results using IP Targeting, leveraging known attributes like SAT or ACT scores when crafting campaign messaging. With IP Targeting, universities can segment campaigns and further increase relevancy and engagement. With one-to-one messaging, universities can tailor content to meet their prospects interest – content like application deadlines, academic major interest, or even individual award announcements.

It’s only with El Toro’s hyper segmented targeting and one-to-one ability that you can be confident enough to send such personalized banner ads. Other firms can’t do this with normal display ads.

In addition to being able to craft a granular message to prospective students, universities can also provide tangible results by name and address with our match-back analysis. Advertisers, and in this case universities and colleges, want to know that their advertising budgets are producing tangible results, and with IP Targeting, now they can.

If you work in higher ed marketing and you aren’t using IP Targeting, you are missing a vital piece to your omni-channel approach. Stop doing what you’ve always done and start using IP Targeting, seriously!

By Greg Mosley, Director of Sales and Training, El Toro