Enrollment Success Metrics

Identify prospective students, connect with relevance, reduce your marketing spend per student with results 

Behavior-based enrollment metrics impact every enrollment and marketing professional by improving the speed to relevant conversations and reducing the time to conversion. Behavioral data impacts the success at every level of the organization. Capture’s proprietary algorithms identities leads, calculates a prospect’s level of interest, and provides behavior scores to guide counselor actions.

Identify More Students with Capture Prospects

Capture identifies prospective undergraduate and graduate students who bypass channels, such as campus visits and standardized tests. This is accomplished by providing two types of prospects: Affinity Prospects and Organic Prospects – both are applicable to any type of program.

Organic Prospects
Identified site visitors who have completed and submitted behavioral-based Progressive Identification (PID) form.

Affinity Prospects
Behaviorally identified visitors with an Affinity Index that makes them similar to “traditional” inquiries and just as likely to apply.

Speed to relevance = the right applicants.

Engagement Scores and Affinity Indexes are propriety machine learning algorithms which calculate the prospective student’s level of interest and are available for all ENGAGE users. These scores are critical factors when working with your counselors to prioritize their time.

Visitor Profile

Engagement Score (CES)

Engagement score gives you the ability to execute agile communications strategies when the visitor is most engaged with your website by calculating one’s level of interest over a 7-day period.

Affinity Index (CAI)

Affinity Index uses a proprietary algorithm to produce a real-time score based on a cumulative prospect engagement level on your website since the moment of identification

Daily Visitor Report

Offers speed to engagement. Counselors know which prospective students are most active on your website and where on the website they have been visiting. The Daily Visitor Report (DVR) provides a comprehensive summary of all website activity over the past 24 hours and past 30 days.

  • Unique reports by market segments and counselor assignments
  • Downloadable data
  • Detailed information on pages visited
  • Full browsing history on your website
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Daily Visitor Report
Visitor Notifications screenshot

Counselor Alerts

Capture’s Counselor Alerts provide instant notification to your admissions team when identified visitors are on your website. Messages can be specified by territory and provide a relevant and timely way for your team to assist prospective students in the next steps of the recruitment process.

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