Enrollment Success Metrics

Daily Visitor Report

Capture’s comprehensive Daily Visitor Report (DVR), featuring all website recent activity from the past 24 hours, gives you the power to prioritize highly engaged prospective students to ensure enrollment success.

  • Unique reports by market segments and counselor assignments
  • Downloadable data
  • Detailed information on pages visited
  • Full browsing history on your website

Engagement Score

Capture’s Engagement Score uses a proprietary algorithm that calculates each visitors level of interest, from 0-100, over a period of time. The Engagement Score gives you the ability to execute agile communications strategies when the visitor is most engaged with your website.

Any visitor with an applicant status or beyond that indicates a high Engagement Score should be followed up with immediately to achieve enrollment success.

Affinity Index

Capture’s Affinity Index uses a proprietary algorithm to produce a real-time score based on a cumulative prospect engagement level on your website since the moment of identification in ENGAGE. Capture’s Affinity Index will help you to:

  • Segment students for recruitment or yield efforts, data analytics, predictive modeling or communications.
  • Prioritize Inquiry and Applicant outreach communications.
  • Determine which non-deposited students may be wavering on whether or not to attend.

Capture Prospects

ENGAGE captures two types of stealth prospects: Organic Prospects and Affinity Prospects.

Organic Prospects
Identified site visitors who have completed and submitted behavioral-based Progressive Identification (PID) form.

Affinity Prospects
Behaviorally identified visitors with an Affinity Index that makes them similar to “traditional” inquiries and just as likely to apply.

Counselor Alerts

Capture’s Counselor Alerts provide instant notification to your admissions team when identified visitors are on your website. Messages can be specified by territory and provide a relevant and timely way for your team to assist prospective students in the next steps of the recruitment process.